Totally Lost Draft # 1 – Cube

Warning… SPOILERS!

A few comments from Semulin :

Have you guys ever had that moment where you realize EXACTLY what is holding you back from reaching the level you want to reach at something? This morning, I composed a short and to the point email to Mr Sheep explaining why I wasn’t going to post this draft. Then I deleted it. Then I composed a really long one explaining the same thing. I deleted that one too.

The last round isn’t pretty play wise. It’s 100% on me. I’ve found my achilles heel in Magic. It’s what kept me out of the top 8 in GP Philly last year. It is what put me in 9th place at the final sealed PTQ before Montreal, and here it is for all the world to see in the last round!

When I think I’ve won, I stop trying. When the goal is so close I can taste it, I don’t bother to reach for it. That gives my opponents the opening they need to win. The last round of this draft is so full of play mistakes that I was, frankly, a little embarrassed to post it. I think sharing this with you guys, will help me move past it.

It blows my mind how good I’ve gotten at recovering from a bad spot in a game of Magic. I’ll find every bit of value I can to get back in a game when I’m behind and find myself winning games I have no business winning. At the same time, in this recording, once we made the “Big Play”, I stopped thinking about the game entirely. I was thinking about having a smoke and going to bed! I can not continue to do this if I’m going to reach the level of play that I want to reach.

Hopefully you guys & gals will enjoy this draft, neither Sheep nor I are an expert at Cube, but we had a BLAST! Hopefully also putting out there in public what my “heel” is, will let ya’ll hold me to task on fixing it! If you’re up for it, share your “Heel” with us in the comments.

Thanks for watching!


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