Face to Face Games Open Recap: Modern in Red Deer


    Arclight Phoenix is really making its mark on on the Modern format.

    Historically, any card that you can get onto the battlefield for free has been pretty broken. And well, Austin Anderson showed that this past Saturday when the FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series traveled Red Deer, Alberta and he took down the whole event with U/R Phoenix.

    Your Open champion, Austin Anderson.

    Modern aficionados have been putting in a lot of work as of late trying to make this card work. The lists started trying to go as fast as possible by playing a Mono-Red version with Bedlam Revler and Runaway Steam-Kin and has since morphed into a proactive Izzet deck with a little bit of disruption.

    This deck solves a lot of the problems that various Izzet strategies have been battling with for years. Most specifically, with the combination of Arclight Phoenix and Thing in the Ice mean that the deck’s able to put on a clock much quicker than previous Young Pyromacer U/R Moon decks.

    Anderson even had a couple copies of Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy in his list for some staying-power in grindy matchups.

    Your Red Deer Open Top 8.

    The rest of the Top 8 feature more or less an appetizer sampler of Modern decks. Our second place finisher played Burn, we had a U/W Control player, a copy of Amulet Titan, the newest Aether Vial deck in Bant Spirits, a copy of Ironworks Combo, a spicy Jeskai Breach deck and an awesome looking Affinity deck featuring Experimental Frenzy. Eight unique decks, the Modern special.

    As you can see with these lists, Modern is in a pretty good place right now. If you want to play on hard mode and play a control deck you can make it work, combo is present and creatures are still king. You can really show up with any archetype and make it work.

    In addition to the Modern action, we had a slew of players show up to play Ultimate Masters Drafts all day long.

    Congratulations to Austin on his Victory on Saturday. The next stop on the FacetoFaceGames.com Open series is in the new year with our Toronto Open+. Make sure to pre-register and make your plans early and come on out for some more Modern action!