Face to Face Games Open+ Recap: Modern in Toronto


The FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series kicked off its 2019 schedule this past Saturday when we traveled to Toronto for a Modern Open+.

And as we kicked off the start to a new year, an old Modern stalwart took home the crown: Grixis Death’s Shadow.

David Hall was able to fend off the onslaught of the likes of KCI, Amulet Titan and the newly crowned king of Modern Izzet Acrlight Phoenix in order to bring home the trophy.

Your Open+ champion, David Hall.

Death’s Shadow has recently experienced a bit of a resurgence in the format with the rise of Phoenix and the fall of Humans. The deck presents a fast clock that is difficult for the Bolt-centric Phoenix deck to deal with and offers enough disruption to combat decks like KCI. David has been out battling in the Greater Toronto Area and on the Open Series for years now and it’s awesome to see him in the winner’s circle.

If there’s anything else you should take notice of in the rest of the Top 8 it’s the continued resurgence of Amulet Titan in the Modern metagame across multiple competitive tournament series’. Last weekend, Team Face to Faces Games Pro Player Edgar Magalhaes made it all the way to Top 4 of SCG Columbus with his team of triple Amulet Titan in the Team Modern format. This weekend, another Torontonian in Dominic Harvey won SCG Worcester with his version of the deck. And while he was doing so, back home in Toronto both Ben Lu and Andrew Gordon made the Top 8 of with Amulet Titan in our first Open of 2019.

Somehow, through what seems like the sheer will of its followers, this crazy deck has vaulted itself back to the top of the Modern metagame.

Your Modern Open+ Top 8.

In addition, two one Shadow deck and those two Amulet players we also had a copy of Jekskai Phoenix, Burn, U/W Control, Hardened Scales and Dredge in the Top 8. As usual the format is as diverse as they come.

Notably, the U/W Control player in the Top 8 was former Platinum Pro player Paul Dean, who brought some spice with his decklist. Paul played a maindeck copy of Surgical Extraction and even a copy of Mana Tithe. Sideboard cards creeping into the maindeck of Modern decks has been a recent trend. Hall of Famer Gabriel Nassif has been playing quite a bit of U/W lists with Rest in Peace and Paul did something similar on Saturday.

As we all know, a good metagame call can make the difference in Modern, and Paul was certainly trying to catch people off-guard.

Congratulations to David on his win on Saturday. There were 210 players out to celebrate our first stop on the 2019 FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series and we enjoyed every minute of it. A special thanks also goes out to our sponsor, Ultimate Guard.

Next up the Open Series will be traveling to Vancouver, B.C. for a Modern Open on Jan.26. Make sure to get your Modern deck ready and pre-register and we’ll see you out west!