Open Recap: Jund and Stoneforge square off in London


Many competitive Magic players dream of Modern midrange mirrors.

Jund versus Splinter Twin duking it out like it’s 2015 or something. Interactive spells being slung left and right, and the careful mind games that we’ve come to adore Magic for once again become ever present in deciding your fate at any given tournament.

Well, miraculously that seems to be what happened when the Open Series traveled to London, Ontario for a Modern Open this past Sunday. We had a Top 8 chalked full of creatures, removal spells and interactive strategies.

That said, they were all bested by Owen Turcotte who skipped the pleasantries and aimed burn spells straight for his opponent’s life totals. Because there’s nothing quite as interactive as a Lava Spike straight to the dome.

Your London Open champ, Owen Turcotte.

Owen defeated Raymond Li and his Jund deck in the finals, just the first of six decks that I’d describe as “fair decks” in our Top 8.

Michaels Van Vaals also made the Top 8 playing Jund, Richard Yam made the semifinals on Azorius Stoneblade, TJ Raymore and Reuben Musselman both made Top 8 with a sweet Jeskai Saheeli deck, Ryan Proc made the elimination rounds with a Stoneforge-infused version of Bant Spirits and noted Face to Face Games Modern all-star Kaya Gregg rounded out our Top 8 with her beloved Eldrazi Tron deck.

Your London Open Top 8.

Let me be the first to say that, wow, that is a lot of midrange Magic decks. I don’t know if there was just no TitanShift in the room or what, but this looks like a completely different Modern metagame than we saw at MC Barcelona just a few short weeks ago. This is the sort of Top 8 I think a lot of us imagined when we saw the banning of Looting and Hogaak and the unbanning of Stoneforge.

Our awesome Judge staff!

In addition to all the action in the main event we had a swath of other players on site all day long Drafting and playing in Commander pods. It was awesome seeing so many familiar faces!

Before I leave you for the week I’ve got a special announcement to share with you! With Wizards of the Coast’s latest announcement about the changes to global organized play, they added something called WPN Player’s Tour Qualifiers. These are ways for them to distribute Regional Player’s Tour qualifications to third party tournament organizers. And with that, we are happy to announce that our Open+ Open Series events will now hand out a Player’s Tour invitation to the champion!

Congratulations again to our champion Owen Turcotte from everyone at Face to Face Games! We’d also like to thank our awesome judge staff who ran a smooth event all day long!

With our tournament series growing every week we’ve added a feedback point of contact to our workflow in order to create the best events possible for you all in the future. If there are any changes you’d like to see from our events email us at:

The next stop on the series is coming up on Oct. 19 when the Open Series will be traveling to Grande Prairie, Alberta for the first time for a Modern Open! Make sure to pre-register and get to testing, we’ll see you there!