While we were crowning a new Canadian National Champion on one half of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this past weekend, we also crowned a Modern Face to Face Open+ champion just steps away.

Our sold out 226 person Modern Open+ saw eight rounds of the most hotly contested Modern action this country has to offer, andĀ Adrian Malushaj was able to come out on top with his Ad Nauseum deck.

You Modern Open+ Champion, Adrian Malushaj.

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to Modern right now, and our Top 8 this weekend was no exception. This event was particularly exciting because it meant that we wouldn’t see the same old Toronto metagame, we’d have top Modern players from all over the country ready to battle.

With that said, this Top 8 of decklists is certainly a wild ride. We’ve got everything from Simian Spirit Guide to Karn, Scion of Urza and Hereo’s Downfall. Humans has been the boogeyman of Modern recently, and there’s been a lot of slower midrangey decks like Jeskai Control that have cropped-up to fight back.

By now, we all know that there is another way to beat Humans, and that’s to go underneath it, which is definitely something our Top 8 decks are capable of doing.

If you look carefully, every deck in our Top 8 is either chalked full of Lightning Bolts and other cheap removal spells. Or they’re able to kill you by Turn 4. Ah, yes, the Modern would we’ve come to know and love.

Your Modern Open+ Top 8.

Bernardo Fava finished in fourth place with his Mardu deck. Bernardo has been piloting various Thoughtseize strategies to some success at Face to Face events for a while now, and Sunday was no exception. We also saw Caleb Keung make his return to an Open Top 8. Caleb was dominant early on in the Open series and still clearly has some gas in the tank with this innovative U/B Control deck. The last Top 8 highlight I’d like to point out isĀ Dane Allen’s Saheeli Evolution featuring the likes of Shalai, Voice of Plenty, Sun Titan, Alter of the Brood and Keranos, God of Storms — this deck is sweet.

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Congratulations to all of the members of our 5k Canadian Nationals Face to Face Games Open+. We had a great time with all of you at Nats this weekend. Another big thank you to our sponsor Ultimate Guard, who provided some sweet goodies for our Top 8 players. And without further delay, their lists:

First Place, Adrian Malushaj – Ad Nauseum

Second Place, Jayson Babin – Hollow One

Third Place, Caleb Keung – U/B Control

Fourth Place, Bernardo Fava – Mardu Pyromancer

Fifth Place, Jason Breault – Skred Red

Sixth Place, Dane Allen – Saheeli Evolution

Seventh Place, Daniel Charpentier – Burn

Eighth Place, Francis Jette – Affinity