They say it’s not about the Magic it’s about The Gathering. You test for big tournaments with your friends and then revel in victory and console each other in defeat.

Well, when the dust settled on the Face to Face Games Modern Open+ on Saturday two close friends met in the finals.

David Goldfarb versus Edgar Magalhaes.

Burn versus Amulet Titan.

And in the end, the person on maybe the single greatest heater in the entire country prevailed.

Edgar of course Top 8’d multiple GPs last season and secured Gold Pro Status for the upcoming two professional cycles at least. At this event, he played Amulet Titan, his pet Modern deck that put his name on the map in first place.

At this event Edgar experimented with Adventurous Impulse and Emrakul, the Promised End in his list and told me that both were stellar for him throughout the event.

Perhaps my highlight from watching him play, was watching him reveal his hand to Goldfarb on the second turn of game two of the Finals. He had access to double Amulet of Vigor, Primeval Titan and Azusa for a a nice turn-two-kill to snatch the trophy.

As far as the rest of the tournament, at least in terms of sheer numbers, this was the coming out party for Assassin’s Trophy in various Black/Green/X strategies in Modern. There were a ton of Jund decks in the room and two copies in the Top 8. It’s still yet to be seen if this will be the case going forward, but if you’re playing the Modern Showdown at Face to Face Games Toronto next weekend — be prepared for some midrange decks.

One of those Jund decks was piloted by Chris Ha another Toronto local coming off a recent Grand Prix Top 8 at GP Montreal. Chris told me he liked the Trophy’s all day long, and is high on Black/Green in Modern going forward. Not that he’s ever not been high on playing his foil Tarmogoyfs.

The rest of the Top 8 was about what you’d expect from Modern. There were a diverse set of linear strategies that had success all day long. Face to Face Toronto regular McCowell made the elimination rounds with Living End, Zane Mitchell piloted trusty old Humans and there were also copies of Hollow One, Ironworks Combo and Martyr Proc in the Top 8.

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Congratulations to everyone who had success on Sunday in Toronto and to Edgar on yet another trophy. An extra special thank you also goes out to the sponsor of the Open Series, Ultimate Guard, who provided some sweet gear to our Top 8 players. If you’re looking to follow the Open Series join us next weekend in Ottawa! Click here to register.

First Place, Edgar Magalhaes – Amulet Titan

Favourite Ultimate Guard product: Chromia Skin Sidewinder Deck Box

Second Place, David Goldfarb – Burn

Favourite Ultimate Guard product: Twin Flip n’ Tray Deck Box

Third Place, Steven Mayes – Hollow One

Favourite Ultimate Guard product: Mini American ZipFolio

Fourth Place, Dominic Harvey – Ironworks Combo

Favourite Ultimate Guard product: Ultimate Guard Arkhive

Fifth Place, Chris Ha – Jund

Favourite Ultimate Guard product: Purple Sidewinder Deck Box

Sixth Place, Cody McCowell – Living End

Favourite Ultimate Guard product: Sidewinder Deck Box

Seventh Place, Zane Mitchell – 5C Humans

Favourite Ultimate Guard product: Chromia Skin Sidewinder Deck Box

Eighth Place, Kory Whitten – Martyr Proc

Favourite Ultimate Guard product: Chromia Skin Sidewinder Deck Box