Welcome to another weekly Showdown Recap, where we take a look at what happened at Face to Face Games Toronto’s weekly Sunday Showdown, a series of 1k events feeding into the Ultimate Showdown 5k Invitational. This week we hosted both a Last Chance Qualifier Standard Showdown and the Ravnica Allegiance Standard Regional Pro Tour Qualifier.

It all began Saturday, where players battled as a part of our weekly 1k Showdown series, but this time with an invite to Sunday’s RPTQ on the line in addition to $1000 in prizes. In jaw-dropping fashion, Lucas Worrell made it a three-peat. He was able to win the Last Chance Qualifier with Mono-Red Aggro in Standard which not only qualified him for Sunday, but also happened to be his third consecutive Showdown win. This kid is on an absolute heater.

Your LCQ champ, Lucas Worrell.

Red was the consensus best aggressive deck when this Standard format started. It was then recently knocked off by the prominence of Wildgrowth Walker and company in the Sultai Midrange shell. That said, Lucas showed us on Saturday that Red can come back and win any tournament if you’re not ready.

Lucas’ victory lead us to Sunday, the big dance, where four competitors would earn their ticket to the Mythic Championship in London.

Your Standard RPTQ Top 8.

On behalf of Face to Face Games, congratulations to Devin Giles, Jordyn Moore, Nolan Mcdonald and Carter Shieck for reaching the Top 4 on Sunday and qualifying for the Mythic Championship in London.

When the dust settled on RPTQ weekend, there was one copy of Sultai Midrange, one copy of Izzet Drakes and two copies of Mono-Blue Tempo left standing.

Sultai was the consensus best deck headed into the event. It utilizes the extremely powerful Hydroid Krasis to add some nice top-end to last season’s Golgari decks and has the bread and butter Explore package that we’ve come to love in Standard.

Mono-Blue is a little different. It’s not your conventional Standard powerhouse archetype. This deck looks to juke and jive in order to keep its opponent off balance and sort of creeps its way to the finish line with small attacks. To me, the existence of this archetype is pretty amazing. We’ve had years of midrange slog fests in Standard and it’s cool to see such a unique deck making headway.

Drakes is another interesting late addition to this new metagame. It’s added Pteramander as an additional early threat, and has widely started to be regarded as a way to thwart Sultai.

Filling out the rest of our Top 8 was two more copies of Sultai, one copy of Jeskai Control, and Pro Tour champion Gab Tsang playing Azorius Aggro.

Congratulations once again to everyone who made a deep run on Sunday!

This upcoming weekend we are taking a break from the Showdown Series in favour of Grand Prix Toronto, but make sure to come by the booth and say hi! The Sunday Showdown series will continue on Feb. 17, when we’ll be hosting a Modern Showdown. Good luck at the GP and don’t forget to pre-register for the 17th.