Showdown Recap: Legacy


Welcome to another weekly Showdown Recap, where we take a look at what happened at Face to Face Games Toronto’s weekly Sunday Showdown, a series of 1k events feeding into the Ultimate Showdown 5k Invitational. This week players battled in Legacy to see who could take home the top prize!

Anybody who’s a big fan of Legacy knows that this format is all about blue cards. Cards like Brainstorm and Ponder create the kind of redundancy we dream about in less powerful formats like Modern or Standard. With that said, those that can wield the Legacy decks without these staples and master them can catch you off-guard and take down an event with ease. And that’s what happened on Sunday when Dominic Harvey took down our Legacy Showdown with good old-fashioned Lands.

Your Showdown champion, Dominic Harvey.

Harvey of course has been on a tear since he moved to Toronto from England last year. He’s sitting in first place atop the SCG Tour’s seasonal rankings and has made his presence felt in the Toronto scene at every event hes been able to attend. Wrenn and Six has taken over Legacy since its printing in Modern Horizons and its impact on the Lands strategy has been just as pronounced as in the blue midrange decks.

Harvey defeated Hugo Bry and his Mono-Red Prison deck in the finals. As you can imagine, as Wrenn has risen to the top of the format, this deck has gotten progressively more popular over the past month of the format. On Sunday we had two copies in the Top 8, including Hugo who made the finals.

Your Legacy Showdown Top 8.

Joining Harvey and Hugo in the Top 8 was Daniel Fournier on his sweet Hogaak Depths deck, Edgar Magalhaes on Four-Colour Snow Control, Jesse Onland playing an awesome snow Sneak & Show deck, last week’s Modern Showdown champion Tse Shuen Wan playing Miracles, Justin Glanzer on Eldrazi Stompy and Matthew Riddell who was our second red prison player.

As I said the last time a skimmed over Legacy with y’all Modern Horizons and War of the Spark have really made an impact on the format. Wrenn has completely overhauled Delver of Secrets decks and the format’s various control decks and that’s caused a bit of a resurgence in these various stompy decks like we see in our Top 8 here. But, in reaction to that we see the monstrosity that Fournier brought on Sunday. Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis has reared its nasty head in Legacy and this deck is a nightmare for non-Swords to Plowshares decks to deal with. The format is still very much in flux, but it remains extremely diverse and fun. So, if you can’t get enough Legacy like me, make sure to come out to our Friday Night Magic Legacy events every week at the shop.

Before I leave you for the week I’ve got one last reminder for you. Our Toronto MCQ is coming up quickly and you’re going to want to make sure to pre-register to secure your spot. This time it’s Modern so it’s sure to be packed! We’ll see you there.

With his win on Sunday, Dominic cements his spot in the upcoming Ultimate Showdown, while the rest of our Top 8 have begun their march up the leader board to qualify. If you’re interested in your Ultimate Showdown point total, you can check it out here. If you’d like to inquire about your point total or report a discrepancy, please email This upcoming weekend at Face to Face Games Toronto we’ll be hosting Modern Showdown. Gather up all your graveyard hate and make sure to pre-register and we’ll see you at shop!