The ULTIMATE Showdown Recap: Dilks makes it three in a row in the snow


Matthew Dilks has won his third consecutive Winter Ultimate Showdown title. Yes, this guy is a monster.

Your Ultimate Showdown champ, Matthew Dilks.

Dilks went off the beaten path and played Death & Taxes in Legacy during the first three rounds and then cleaned up the Modern rounds with his bread and butter Amulet Titan deck.

He defeated fellow SCG Player’s Championship competitor, Amulet Specialist and close friend Edgar Magalhaes in the finals.

Edgar played Jund Food in Standard and Simic Urza in the Modern rounds on the way to the finals. The finals match ended with an incredible come-from-behind victory for Dilks as he was able to rebound from a Mulligan to five, establish three Field of the Deads and amass and insurmountable advantage that ended in his victory. I was sitting just inches away from this match as game three was taking place and Dilks looked down for the count on about turn three. Little did us spectators know he’d end up turning it around.

The finals.

The Top 8 of this tournament was truly for the ages. This event started at 11 a.m. and I did not leave the building until the last card was drawn after 11 p.m. in the evening.

I was lucky enough to be involved in the Top 8, playing 74 of the same Simic Urza cards as Edgar made the finals with. We played an hour-and-a-half Urza mirror in the quarterfinals, and then Edgar doubled down and played a two-and-a-half hour Urza mirror against local hero Daniel Fournier in the semis. A few spectators stuck it out even as they got uncomfortable in their seats watching what ended up being a roughly five hour long Top 8.

In all seriousness, as someone who was there to the bitter end, the level of play on display during the elimination rounds of this event was something to behold. It really made me proud to call F2F Toronto my Local Game Store. Not only the play, but the fact that we get this opportunity to battle it out twice a year.

Your Ultimate Showdown Top 8.

Joining us in the Top 8 was Lucas Worrell playing Burn, yet another master in Dominic Harvey who played an awesome Simic Titan deck, Showdown staple Chris Ha on his beloved foil Jund deck and Brian Ching playing Bant Snow.

As for Modern as a whole, well I’ve got a few words for you: Oko, Thief of Crowns. Of the eight players in the elimination rounds on Sunday, only two resisted the urge to cast the powerful three mana planeswalker. This card is completely taking over every format it’s not banned in, and if you have a Modern event coming up I’d suggest registering whatever Oko deck you like best.

Congratulations once again to Matthew Dilks on his third consecutive Winter Ultimate Showdown title! And a special thank you goes to everyone who attended any of our Showdown events this season from everyone here at Face to Face Games Toronto. Without your support and enthusiasm we wouldn’t be able to put on these events and we appreciate you coming out and building this awesome community.

On Sunday, December 29 we’ll be taking a break from the Showdown series. But don’t worry, just a few days later on New Year’s Day — January 1 — we’ll be hosting a Modern Showdown to kick off the new year in style. Make sure to pre-register and we’ll see you in 2020!