Urza’s Still Alive!


If you’re a fan of competitive Magic — Modern in particular — then your eyes were probably fixated on the results from the SCG Opens these past couple weekends. My team and I came out in full force at the Open in Columbus two weeks back, with five of the six of us playing a brand new Temur Urza deck.

We were short one copy of the deck so fellow Face to Face writer Daryl Ayers resorted to playing his Amulet deck. While one team came in 27th and narrowly missed Day 2. The other team landed in the Top 4 and both teams did quite well with the brew.

As usual, I was playing Urza and I was doing well with it. And if you’ve followed any of my content over the last little while this is nothing new. The combination of Urza, Oko and Mox Opal have dominated Modern tournaments and I haven’t been able to put them down since their respective printings.

The cool thing about the last few week is that it’s usually just one or two people on the team leading the charge when it comes to deckbuilding. But this time it really was the whole team crammed in the hotel room and built Temur Urza. MTGO open on my laptop, discussing theory and moving numbers around. Eventually we landed on a place we all felt good about and began building the physical copies. It was pretty cool to see that level of cooperation. I’ve been a part of teams before that didn’t manage that aspect as well. Probably one of the good parts about being on a team with so many long-term veterans (okay, old people) of the game.

The very next week the open was populated by lots of copies of our new deck. Even Oliver Tomajko Top 8’d the Grand Prix in Austin, Texas with a few changes on our Temur list.

Urza was once again carrying his loyal pilots to the finish line left, right and center. That is, until Monday. When everything changed.

Mox Opal, Oko, Thief of Crowns and Myconsynth Lattice were banned, leaving the Modern format reeling. But fear not, as far as I’m concerned, Urza is not dead yet!

You see, the more that the pre-bran Sultai Urza list became a control deck, the less it benefited from Opal anyways. The deck lost a touch of speed and some of its broken turns in favour of the added interaction and ability to take over the game. So I want to start my post-ban Urza brewing with some heavily interactive decks.

With Opal not being an intrinsic part of our deck we are also less weak to hate cards like Karn, The Great Creator and Stony Silence. What’s more is that Lattice ban will also reduce the number of Karns in the format, so there are less hate cards we have to worry about. Especially if we’re going to return to leaning on the Thopter Foundry and Sword of the Meek combo.

Today I’m going to walk you through three test builds for the post-ban era that I think will all be effective at fighting the new Modern world. We’ll be approaching the deck from a couple different colour options, but also positioning ourselves for a different style of game play (Control/Combo/Mid-Range).

Now, it’s been one day since the announcement. So by no means are these decks refined. But I really wanted to give you an early impression of where I’m trying to take the deck with the bans changing the game:

Test Build 1: Dimir Urza

This one might be my favourite deck so I decided to start out with it. It will play a lot like a Dimir Control list would and wants to abuse Mystic Sanctuary as much as possible.

The first thing I did was add in a couple more lands to account for the extra mana we lost without Mox Opal and the benefit of Gilded Goose. Step two was slowing down the opponent to match how we have been slowed by these changes. For that I added in more discard spells for turn one and more creature removal to the maindeck in Fatal Push. If your deck is going to slow down, you need to have the requisite early interaction to slow your opponent down to your speed.

Once we get to the middle stages of the game, we can threaten to counter their important spells. And if they don’t cast them we get to start using Whir of Invention to tutor up our combo pieces. Potential weaknesses to this deck are it’s sometimes clunky hands. Whir decks can have a difficult time emptying their hand if your draw doesn’t come together.

That said, I was really impressed by Achmage’s Charm’s versatility in the pre-ban versions of Urza, and it can serve as a powerful card draw spell in a pinch.

Test Build 2: Grixis Urza

This second build moves away from the interactive aspects slightly, trying to strike a balance between combo and control.

What it does better is abuse value creatures in Emry and Goblin Engineer — a tried and true Urza strategy from last format. If the format starts settling in a way that doesn’t have an abundance of creature removal spells than I can see this list starting to dominate. If there’s more removal like I suspect there will be, then we will see the first build have more success.

This is actually my least favourite of the three builds, but depending on what the new meta looks to be I could be completely wrong and it’ll be all about doing something like this.

If there’s one thing we do know for sure — Emry is a busted card.

Test Build 3: Temur Urza

Now in my mind this list is the most fun.

Here we lose the Thopter/Sword combo but pickup the card advantage and control plan.

We start by using Mox Amber in a similar way to how we were utilizing Mox Opal. Wrenn and Six turns on Amber as well as Emry in the early game and allows for some powerful card advantage-fueled openings.

Many of these lists are relying on Mystic Sanctuary locks, but this list also has Wrenn and Six to rebuy lands after they have gone, which works nicely with Emry milling over your library. This list feels like it would perform the best in the early and late stages of the game.

Urza offers so much value in a four mana package that it only makes sense that with every passing month the deck has been getting more and more midrangey. This Temur list may seem a little whacky at first, but it flirts with a lot of that value that has made Urza so good even before the bans. Maybe this is the next step for the archetype.


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