A Mythical Nats Q Tourney Report – 1st

Hi everyone, my name is Tom Cheung and this is my first time writing a tournament report for manadeprived.com. I played Mythic Conscription in the National Qualifier on May 15th and won 1st place. This is my first time winning a National Qualifier.  My last successful finish was when I top 8’d at Regionals with Tooth & Nail back in 2005.

Two weeks before the nationals qualifier, I finally have time to playtest for National Qualifiers after finishing my winter semester. I tried out different decks like UWr planeswalkers (aka U/W Tapout), Grixis, Red Deck Wins, UG Polymorph, Jund and Mythic Conscription. My team captain Kar Yung Tom(KYT) recommended me UWr planeswalkers that he Top 8’d in Montreal’s PTQ on May 1st(day I just finished my winter semester). I tested the deck for a few days and liked it a lot, but I know that mirror matches are going to take too long to finish, so I decided to try a different deck. I tried Grixis and didn’t like the mana base. Red deck wins is like flipping a coin, you either have an amazing draw or you have nothing and Kor Firewalker destroys this deck. UG polymorph is strong, but I just don’t like sideboard cards like Telemin performance and Thought Hemorrhage that would totally destroy this deck if they resolved.

A few days before National Qualifier, KYT recommended Mythic Conscription [More specifically, Matt Sperling’s build –KYT]. He passed me his MTGO account with the deck already built. I playtested for 2 days and really liked the Sovereigns of Lost Alara/Eldrazi Conscription combo. It reminded me of playing Tooth & Nail. I made my final decision and decided to play Mythic Conscription. I read tournament reports online for tips on how to sideboard against certain matchups with Mythic Conscription.

Here is my decklist:


4 Baneslayer Angel
4 Birds Of Paradise
4 Dauntless Escort
4 Knight Of The Reliquary
4 Lotus Cobra
4 Noble Hierarch
4 Sovereigns Of Lost Alara

1 Elspeth, Knight-errant
1 Gideon Jura
3 Jace, The Mind Sculptor

Tribal Enchantments
2 Eldrazi Conscription

Basic Lands
4 Forest
2 Island
2 Plains

1 Arid Mesa
3 Celestial Colonnade
1 Glacial Fortress
4 Misty Rainforest
1 Sejiri Steppe
2 Stirring Wildwood
2 Sunpetal Grove
1 Tectonic Edge
2 Verdant Catacombs


4 Kor Firewalker
3 Qasali Pridemage
2 Rhox War Monk
2 Oblivion Ring
4 Negate

This deck plays the Sovereigns of Lost Alara (SoLA)/Eldrazi Conscriptions combo. Here’s how the combo works, I attack with any one creature and it triggers the ability of SoLA for me to fetch Eldrazi Conscription from my deck and enchant the creature I’m attacking with, giving the creature +11/+11(+1/+1 from Exalted off of SoLA) and Annihilator 2. Even though the Annihilator 2 ability doesn’t trigger since I’m already attacking, the game will end next turn if your opponent takes another hit from the Eldrazi Conscription’d creature. With 12 mana accelerators like Birds of Paradise(BoP), Noble Hierarch and Lotus Cobra, it’s shouldn’t be hard to pull off this combo.

Without relying on the SoLA combo, there are many strong creature like Baneslayer Angel(BSA), Knight of the Reliquary(KotR), Dauntless Escort and manlands(Celestial Colonnade, Stirring Wildwood) that would win me the game. KotR combos Lotus Cobra to give me extra mana while making itself bigger by putting more lands in the graveyard. The reason why KotR is so powerful is because it also protects my creatures from removal spells by fetching Sejiri Steppe or my manlands if I need more creatures.

Round 1 vs Lewis Sindayigaya playing UWr Planeswalker

I was paired up against an opponent I lost to during the previous PTQ. I had taken notice of his style of play and he seems to be a control player, so there’s a huge change that he was playing some sort of control.

Game 1:

My opponent won the die roll and decided to start first. After seeing him dropping a Celestial Colonnade on this first turn, it turns out that I was right about him playing control. I dropped an early Noble Hierarch followed by a Knight of the Reliquary(KotR) the next turn. I played Dauntless Escort and started applying pressure with KotR as backup. He couldn’t too much after I dropped my SoLA in play with Gideon Jura and I won game 1.

My opponent was complaining on how slow I was playing since it’s ironic that a control player plays faster than an aggro-combo player. Game 1 took about 30 minutes to play since playing against control is hard and not many people played control on MTGO for me to test against. I always have to think of the best way to play and to attack with my creatures by taking into account the possibility of removals like Day of Judgment, Martial Coup, Path to Exile, and Planeswalkers.

Game 2:

I mulled to a 5 card hand and exchanged creatures with removals. In late game when I have 5 mana with a BoP in play and SoLA in hand with Negate, I decided to take the risk and tap out to play SoLA since my opponent only has 1 card in hand. The next turn he drew and played Martial Coup for 5 and won the game.  I don’t know if he just top decked Martial Coup or had it in his hand, but since there’s less then 10 minutes for the round, I wanted to finish the game quickly and rushed.

Game 3:

We didn’t have time to finish the game and we drew. After round 1, I was discouraged by drawing my first round since the decks that I’ll be playing against next round would likely be control decks that drew on round 1.

1-1-1 Match, 0-0-1 Rounds

Round 2 vs Jund

I was surprised to play against Jund since I never expected it to draw against another deck.

Game 1:

I had early mana accelerator to play BSA with KotR to protect it from removals. Not much my opponent could do once I dropped SoLA into play and attacked with my 16/16 trample, first strike and lifelink BSA.

Game 2:

Consuming vapors killed off my early mana accelerators and I wasn’t able to make a comeback.

Game 3:

There was not much time left in game 3, so I rushed and made some mistakes like forgetting to gain life from Kor Firewalker. During the last few turns, I had Gideon with 8 counters and some creatures in play and my opponent had Sarkhan the Mad in play with three saproling tokens and a 5/5 dragon token that he got by destroying his Sprouting Thrinax. Instead of making his creatures attack my Gideon, I rushed and attacked with my Gideon and all my creatures(Celestial Colonnade, Dauntless Escort, etc..) with KotR backup. Fortunately, my opponent was low on life and wasn’t able to make a comeback with the mistake I made.  He conceded the game after using the ability from Sarkhan the Mad and revealed a land from the top of his deck.

2-1 Match, 1-0-1 Rounds

Round 3 vs Esper Control

Game 1:

This game ended in literally 5 minutes. I kept a very good hand. Here’s what happened:

Turn 1: Land, Noble Hierarch

Turn 2: Lotus Cobra, play fetchland and get mana from Cobra to play KotR.

Turn 3: Land, Dauntless Escort

Turn 4: Land, SoLA and smash him with a 15/15 Dauntless Escort with KotR backup.

Game 2:

I brought him down to 1 life, then he starts playing multiple copies of Time Warp with Jace, Gideon, Liliana and Elspeth in play. I conceded after 5 minutes of Time Warping.


I mulled down to 6 and kept a hand with 2 Noble Hierarchs, 3 lands and a BSA. In turn 4, after seeing him desperately drawing cards from Esper Charm and Wall of Omens, I decided to test the water by attack with my Exalted 6/6 Celestial Colonnade and it went through, bringing his life down to 12(he lost 2 life from fetchlands). The next turn, I was faced with a dilemma. Should I play BSA or just attack and bring him down to 6? After thinking it through, I decided to attack with my 6/6 Celestial Colonnade since there’s a possibility that he had a Day of Judgement(DoJ) in hand. It turn out that I was right as he casted DoJ on his turn, killing my 2 Noble Hierarchs. On my turn, I topdecked a land and activated my Colonnade to attack for 4, bring him down to 2. On his turn, he tried to find solutions by drawing more cards with Jace and conceded cause he didn’t find anything.

After the game, KYT was laughing at me because when I topdecked a land to activate my Colonnade, I thought it was still a 6/6, but realized that my 2 Noble Hierarch are already gone [You forgot to mention that you slammed the deck really hard before you drew, thinking a land would seal the deal for you.  –KYT].

2-1 Match, 2-0-1 Rounds

Round 4 vs UW Control

Game 1:

I had early mana accelerators and was able to get my SoLA into play with Dauntless Escort and KotR backup. There wasn’t much that my opponent could do since my Eldrazi Conscription’d creature is protected by Sejiri Steppe and Dauntless Escort stops him from casting DoJ. I purposely attacked with another creature so that it becomes a target of Path to Exile instead of Dauntless Escort since its job is to protect my creatures from DoJ.

Game 2:

My opponent sided in Meddling Mage and cast it early naming SoLA. It didn’t bother me since I had Jace in play and could unsummon it anytime I wanted to cast my SoLA. I countered both his DoJ with my Negates before unsummoning his Meddling Mage to play my SoLA and won the game.

2-0 Match, 3-0-1 Rounds

Round 5 vs Mythic (Rafiq version)

Game 1:

I didn’t play my KotR until turn 3 and my opponent played Jace on his turn and unsummoned my KotR. The next turn, I knew it was over when the cast Rafiq and made his 6/6 KotR a double striker. I conceded on my turn when I didn’t draw anything.

Game 2:

I played my Jace before his and used it to unsummon his KotR and Lotus cobra. I forced him to tap out and activate his Stirring Wildwood to kill my Jace. At his point I had the advantage since my opponent only had a Noble Hierarch in play while I have KotR, Dauntless Escort, Noble Hierarch, and Lotus Cobra. During my turn, I used my KotR with Lotus Cobra to get mana and finished my opponent with my SoLA combo.

Game 3:

I don’t remember what happened in game 3, but I think I ended the game again with SoLA combo [He had an early Baneslayer, but you had Baneslayer followed by a Sovereigns.  –KYT].

2-0 Match, 4-0-1 Rounds

Round 6 vs RGW aggro Basilisk collar combo

Game 1:

My opponent played Kor Skyfisher on turn 3 and returned his land. During my turn I played Jace and unsummoned his Skyfisher. I won the game easily with my SoLA combo.

Game 2:

I had no idea what he was playing so I sided out have my SoLA combo(-2 SoLA and -1 Eldrazi Conscription), which I regretted doing so. During the early turns, he Oblivion Ring’d both my KotR that just came into play. Later in the game, when I played SoLA and attacked with Lotus Cobra, my opponent destroyed my Eldrazi Conscription with his Qasali Pridemage. Then I played my own Pridemage and was faced with the dilemma of either destroying his Basilisk Collar equipped to Vengevine or the Oblivion Ring to get my KotR back.  I decided that I wanted my Knight back.  My opponent stopped attacking me since the thought my KotR would kill his Vengivine if I blocked with it and fetch for a Sejiri Steppe. I bluffed him since I had Sejiri Steppe in my hand and played it on my turn to give my KotR protection from green and won game 2.

2-0 Match, 5-0-1 Rounds

Round 7 vs Mono Red with Kiln Fiend

Game 1:

My opponent mulled down to 5 cards and I kept a hand of 7 cards.  I played turn 1 Noble Hierarch which went through and followed by KotR turn 2. I played BSA on turn 3 and there was nothing my opponent could do with his Plated Geopede. On turn 4, I played SoLA and killed him with my 17/17 Banesalyer Angel.

Game 2:

I mulled down to 5 and kept a 1 land hand. I played turn 1 Noble Hierarch and turn 2 Lotus Cobra that got killed by a Lightning Bolt. I made a mistake on turn 3 that cost me the game. I drew a fetchland and played it immediately with Lotus Cobra and Kor Firewalker in my hand. Instead, I could have played my Lotus Cobra first and use the fetchland to generate WW to cast my Kor Firewalker. Instead, I cracked the fetchland and played a Dauntless Escort.  I couldn’t do much as I never drew a white mana source to cast my Kor Firewalker and lost game 2.

Game 3:

I stalled with my Kor Firewalker and was afraid that he had Forked Bolt in his hand, so I casted the 2 BoP from my hand separately, which were both killed by Searing Blaze. Eventually, I drew my 3rd BoP and casted Rhox War Monk to gain some life and stabilize. My opponent then made a mistake by casting Unstable Footing and tried to target my Kor Firewalker with his 3rd Searing Blaze(which he can’t because pro red prevents him from even targeting my Firewalker in the first place). I ended the game by activating Celestial Colonnade, give it pro red with Sejiri Steppe and attacked with my Firewalker and Colonnade to deal lethal damage to win game 3.

2-1 Match, 6-0-1 Rounds

At this point, I’m guaranteed top 12 regardless of how I do next round. I really wanted to draw the next round since I’m exhausted from playing 7 rounds of magic straight with no rest in between since I always finish late. After the standing were posted, I was surprised that I was 1st since my tie breakers were so bad and my team mate Kenny had way better tie breakers than me. But given that most of my opponents were tough and did well(Lewis Sindayigaya, the guy I played against in round 1 was always sitting next to me from winning all his games).  I guess that makes sense. Everyone from my team encouraged me to play the last round since I’m ranked first after 7 rounds and might as well win the last round to become the Nationals Qualifier Champion.

Round 8 vs UG Polymorph

Game 1:

Thanks to KYT for telling me to test UG Polymorph, I know exactly how to beat it and sideboard against it. Since they play close to no removals, I could play everything I have in my hand without holding back. He dropped his 4th lands on his turn and conceded because I was going to win next turn.

Game 2:

My first hand consist of 3 Lotus Cobras, 3 lands and 1 Gideon Jura. I decided to mulligan since the hand is very slow and I must play aggressively against UG Polymorph in order to beat it. I ended up mulling down to a 5 cards 1 land hand with Noble Hierarch. I topdecked a Fetchland next turn and played both Lotus Cobra and KotR. Later in the game I drew Gideon Jura set him to 8 counters.

On my opponent’s next turn, he played Polymorph on his 0/1 plant into an Iona naming white. I was surprised since I was expecting Polymorph to hit a Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Either case, I was prepared for it since I have SoLA in my hand and could force my opponent to block my 17/17 Eldrazi Conscription’d Gideon Jura.

Anyways, I forced Iona to attack my Gideon with 10 counters and during my turn, I used 2 for my 3 remaining counters on Gideon to kill Iona. After that the game was pretty much over. My opponent was at 6 and had Jace with 1 counter, Garruk with 2 counters, Zone Awakening that he just played and a 3/3 beast in play. During my turn, I attacked my opponent with my 6/6 Gideon and Garruk with my Qasali Pridemage, forcing my opponent to block my Gideon and killed off his Garruk. After combat step, I sacrificed my Pridemage to destroy his Zone Awakening. At this point, he only had 1 card in hand, a Jace in play with 1 counter and 6 lands in play. My opponent conceded after brainstorming with his Jace.

2-0 Match, 7-0-1 Rounds

Final Thoughts

After choosing to play Mythic Conscription a few days before National Qualifiers, I didn’t have enough time to do enough playtesting against control decks. I slept at 4am the day before Nationals doing preparation for final changes in the decklist and reading articles for sideboard tips. I ended up being tired when I woke up in the morning to get ready to go to the National Qualifiers. My advice is pick the deck you want to play at least a week before a tournament and sleep well the day before a tournament in order to play in your best condition and not make silly mistakes like I do.

As for changes I would make for my decklist after playing it, I would definitely replace Elspeth with Gideon since it’s so amazing good [Sperling suggested the same change in his article.  –KYT].  Since Mythic Conscription plays close to no creature removals, forcing your opponent to tap all his creatures would give you the game win and it also keeps your Jace safe.


VS UWr Planeswalker & UW Control & Esper Control

-2 Sovereigns of Lost Alara
-1 Eldrazi Conscription
-4 Lotus Cobra
-1 Elspeth
-1Stirring Wildwood

+3 Qasali Pridemage
+4 Negate
+2 Oblivion Ring

VS Jund & Mono Red

-3 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
-4 Sovereigns of Lost Alara
-2 Eldrazi Conscription
-1 Elspeth

+2 Rhox War Monk
+4 Negate
+4 Kor Firewalker

VS Mythic

-4 Dauntless Escort
-1 Elspeth
-1 Stirring Wildwood

+2 Qasali Pridemage
+2 Negate
+2 Oblivion Ring

RGW Aggro Basilisk Collar Combo

-2 Sovereigns of Lost Alara
-1 Eldrazi Conscription
-1 Elspeth
-3 Jace, the Mind Sculptor

+2 Rhox War Monk
+2 Negate
+3 Qasali Pridemage

VS UG Polymorph

-4 Dauntless Escort
-1 Stirring Wildwood
-1 Baneslayer Angel
-2 Sovereign of Lost Alara
-1 Eldrazi Conscription

+3 Qasali Pridemage
+4 Negate
+2 Oblivion Ring


Kar Yung Tom(KYT) – For lending my his Mythic Conscription deck, providing me with an MTGO version of the deck to playtest and providing moral support during the rest of the day.

Jeffery Casselman – For lending me Baneslayer Angels and Knights of the Reliquary.

Team Chex – Providing me moral support during the National Qualifiers and encouraged me to play the final round to become the 2010 Nationals Qualifier Champion. I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Until next time,

Tom Cheung

Tom Cheung
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Thats my DECK.. not just the KotRs or Baneslayers.. kyt just gave you access to the jaces! 😛 good job Tom, bringing it home to Team Chex

Jake Meszaros

Tom is a BOSS
that is all


Woot! Good job, Tom! Team Chex is finally getting the limelight!

Geoff Bell

congrats in the win- any idea how the deck does against Vengevine Naya?


*cough cough* someone needs to work on their grammar and sentence structure. Nevertheless, good job.