Across the Table #27 – Writer Titus Chalk

You’ve probably never heard of him, but writer Titus Chalk is about to publish one of the most important pieces of Magic writing in the history of the game. A journalist by trade, Titus’s book, “So Do You Wear a Cape?” will chronicle twenty years of Magic history and culture from an accessible, anthropological, and often personal perspective. I discovered him and the project through a great feature piece he wrote that ties Magic’s history with that of his own called “20 Years of Magic: the Gathering, a Game that Changed the World.” In our interview, he talked about growing up the son of a well-known Games Workshop miniature-painter, moving to different continents, and how Magic helped him through some troubling times. Follow him on Twitter @tituschalk and keep up with his book, due out soon, on Facebook, “So Do You Wear a Cape?”

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