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Durdling Around 255 – The Wildspeaker is a Simple Man

It's about the simple things in life...

Durdling Around 254 – Beware the Beast of Many Words

How can any knight defeat such an eloquent monster?

Durdling Around 253 – The Return of Misty

She's here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and she's all out of gum...

Durdling Around 252 – Magic Spoiler Thirst is Real

Even when a new set is about to come out, the thirst is still there...

Durdling Around 251 – A Gravedigger’s Work is Never Done

Modern season is making his job really hard...

Durdling Around 250 – Yawgmoth and His Old Tricks

Yawgmoth never learns his lesson...

Durdling Around 249 – Chandra Takes Center Stage

We'll get to see Chandra's story...even if it takes 10 planeswalker cards to do it!

Durdling Around 248 – A Skelemental with a Bone to Pick

I guess it can still be friends with Bloodbraid Elf...

Durdling Around 247 – Tales From The First Sliver

The First Sliver tells the scariest story of all...

Durdling Around 246 – All Hail The Boar-God

Ilharg is a merciful god...kind of.

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