Charity Tournament & Raffle for Child’s Play

The very abridged version of this article (for those who know that they want to donate or play in the charity tournament and don’t have time to read a wall of text):

To donate to a great cause (Child’s Play), please send a PayPal transfer to with your full name and address information. Every $10 increment will net you a chance to win some amazing prizes.

For all tournament information, click here:


This article contains all pertinent information about the 2013 MTG Summer Charity Drive, including details about how to donate, how to get involved, deadlines, prizes, and our local tournament.

The first time I had ever met KYT was a little over two years ago, and I wined and dined him to garner his support for helping me raise money for a group of guys who I thought were deserving of all the support they could get: The Ill-Abilities. I’m sure that even without me taking him out to lunch, he would have given me his blessing, but it’s so much easier and less nerve wracking to deal with KYT on a full stomach.

The time has come again yet again for me to do everything in my power to raise awareness and support for a charity that’s close to my heart (and this time, it’s even related to the gaming community). Having spent countless hours in the hospital visiting family and friends alike, I’ve witnessed first-hand how much it means to kids who are stuck in hospitals to be able to entertain themselves with new books, toys, and video games. Penny Arcade’s Child Play charity “seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals around the world through the kindness and generosity of the video game industry and the power of play”. You can help out too, and I’ll explain how!

How are you planning on raising money for charity?

I’ll be accepting donations through PayPal as well as holding a charity tournament in early June (in Montreal).

Where will the money go?

Every penny from the PayPal donations and the entry fees collected from the charity tournament will be pooled. Half of the funds will go directly to Penny Arcade’s Child Play Charity to benefit hospitalized children, while the other half will be donated to a charitable group/organization of our tournament champion’s choice (all players will be “competing for their cause” so to speak).

Why should I trust you with my donation and my money? How do I know that you won’t just keep it for yourself?

I’m lucky enough to be supported by KYT and the team, and I am putting my name and title on the line as Operations Manager of Besides having raised money for charity through similar means in the past, and priding myself on being a moral individual, there’s no way I would dare slander the good name of KYT, Mana Deprived, and Face to Face Games by not following through on this project.

I’ll also be in contact with representatives from Child’s Play and from the chosen charity (by the tournament champion) in an attempt to get charitable donation tax receipts for everyone who has donated.

Why should I get involved or donate? I work hard for my money!

Each person probably has their own personal answer to this question. I know that for myself, I’m usually so involved in my own work and recreational activities that I forget about those who may need a helping hand sometimes. Maybe you’ve had a personal experience being a child at a hospital whose day might have been made a little brighter with some new toys or games. Maybe you believe strongly in a different charity and want to win the tournament so you can help them out. Maybe you think that there are some really cool raffle prizes to be won and that makes you more willing to donate. Whatever the reason, every little bit helps!

You’re by no means obligated to donate any money or to participate in the event. Times are always tough, and you may want to get involved without having to spend any money. You can do that as well! I’ve written some ideas for how you can help a little further down.

I don’t live close enough to the Montreal area to come to the tournament. How can I donate/help and what cool prizes can I win for my contributions?

I’ll be collecting donations up until the day of the charity tournament (Deadline: Sunday, June 16th, 2013).

To donate, please send a PayPal money transfer to:

If you’d like to receive a tax receipt for your donation, please also note your full name and address along with the donation, and I’ll do my very best to get it to you!

For every $10 donated, your name will be added to the pool to win one of the many prizes available. However, the draw is limited so that each individual cannot win more than one prize (to establish fairness). Therefore, if you donate $50, your name will be added to the draw pool five times, and if you win a prize from the draw, you will be ineligible to win additional prizes. Winners will be announced the day following the charity tournament (June 17th, 2013).

Prize Pool: (*To Note: more items may be added to the prize pool each day, so be sure to keep checking back for all the updates!)

1 – Commissioned piece of digital artwork by Polish Tamales

Have you ever dreamed of having a cartoon representation of yourself? Have you ever wanted to be drawn as your favorite video game or MTG character? Polish Tamales, the incredible artist behind one of the new Eh Team token sets, will produce a commissioned piece of artwork in your likeness (subject to limitations set forth by the artist).

To see artwork by Polish Tamales, click here:

To see the new Eh Team tokens, click here:

2 – Exclusive Derfington Playmat

Are you a fan of the “Durdling Around” comic series? Here’s your chance to win a limited edition playmat (depicting some pretty comical Stoneforge Mystics) by Dave Lee!

To see the playmat in question, click here:

To browse all of the Durdling Around comics, click here:

3 – Guest Appearance on The Eh Team Podcast

Are you itching to get your 15 minutes of fame? Do you want to talk Jay Boosh’s ear off about your awesome new FNM brew? Do you want to make fun of KYT for top 8ing multiple PTQs, being the voice of Canadian Magic, and STILL not making it to the Pro Tour? Here’s your chance to hang with the big boys as you guest star on one of the future episodes of the Eh Team podcast!

To listen to the Eh Team podcasts, click here:

4 – Multiple altered art cards from my personal collection

Those who know me know that I’m a huge fan of altered cards (to the detriment of my bank account and wallet). I’m putting up the following five (5) altered cards for grabs as individual prizes (5 winners in total):

  • Extended Border Japanese Ancestral Visions (DD: Jace vs Chandra) [artist unknown]
  • Extended Border Goblin Welder (Urza’s Legacy) [artist unknown]
  • Extended Border Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni (Planechase) [artist: Cardkitty]
  • Extended border Kaalia of the Vast (Commander) [artist: Noa Artzy]
  • Altered Art Jarad’s Orders (RTR) [artist: Dewil Alters]

To see pictures of the alters, click here:

I live in the Montreal area (or am close enough to make a trip down). What’s this awesome tournament and how do I participate?!

For full event details, and to confirm your presence, click here:

Date: Sunday, June 16, 2013

Face to Face Games
4425 rue Wellington
Verdun, Quebec, Canada
H4G 1W6

Registration: 11 a.m.
Start: noon
Format: RTR Block Sealed (2 RTR + 2 GTC + 2 DGM) [packs are included in the cost of the entry fee]
Entry Fee: $25 (you can also donate any amount above this which will also be added to the pool of donations)

The winner of the tournament will get to choose the charitable group/organization for which half of all the proceeds (both online donations and tournament profits) will go. In addition, one lucky participant will be randomly drawn to win a 2-hour strategy session with Pro player Jon Stern!

I’ve donated/I’m planning on coming to the event, but I want to do more. How else can I help?

1. Help Spread the Word

If you’re active on Twitter, Tumblr, or other social media outlets, have lots of friends on Facebook, or know plenty of people in your local community, you can help by tweeting, sharing, and re-blogging this article, as well as spreading the information via word of mouth! The more informed people are, the more people will help!

2. Donating Prizes

Do you have any cards, sealed product, or other items that people might be interested in? You can donate items to be added to the raffle prize pool (and get a shout-out for your generosity)! To donate items/services, contact me via email or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter (see the end of the article for all contact info).

3. Plan your own Charity Magic tournament

If you’re a player with a lot of clout in your community or a store owner/tournament organizer, why not plan an event to happen on June 1st in conjunction with the one in Montreal? You can raise proceeds and have them pooled with ours so that we can get even more money to those who need it while also planning an awesome day for players in your area.

If you need help planning, organizing, or advertising your event, contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help!


Huge thanks to KYT (for constantly supporting these charity events), Polish Tamales, Dave Lee, the Eh Team, and Jon Stern (for donating their time and providing some incredible prizes), Salvatore Reda (for letting me use our company resources and our store to hold the event, and for supporting me in my endeavors), Alexis Brosseau (our incredible graphic artist who donated his time in making our banners), and to everyone who donates, attends the event, and helps out in spreading the word!

Special thanks to Andrew Nowaraj, who continues to hold yearly Magic charity tournaments in his area and who has, through his recent article, reignited my fire to help out the community!


You can reach out to me in several ways!

Twitter: @PeterSachlas


Child’s Play Charity:
Andrew Nowaraj’s article:
Charity Magic Canada:

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