Comic Book Promo – Standstill

Wizards has been branching out lately due to the popularity of Magic being at an all time high and one of their coolest ventures has been their recent comic book series by publisher IDW in which each issue comes with a reprint of a past Magic card with new art.

Most of the cards have been pretty mediocre thus far and have included [card]Treasure Hunt[/card], [card]Faithless Looting[/card], and [card]Electrolyze[/card]. Not bad cards by any means but collectors-wise nothing to get excited about.

Bucking that trend it was revealed today that the next promo would be something actually, you know, USEFUL.

Comic Book Promo Standstill

A blue Legacy staple? Yes please!

[card]Standstill[/card] is currently sold out at Star City Games at $6.99 so a decent comic plus a Standstill for $4.99 sounds good to us.

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