Detective Dhaliwal & Hogaak

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KYT, Andy, Elliot, and Jonathan catch up with Detective Dhaliwal, who cracked the case of the Hamilton Open with Modern’s new best deck, Hogaak Vengevine.

(00:01:49) Is Hogaak Vengevine domintating Modern? Is classic Jund the new kryptonite for the Hogaak decks?
(00:11:06) Why did Jonathan bring Neoform Combo to Play Modern at Magic Fest Seattle PTQ? How does it fair against the Hogaak decks?
(00:22:38) Will WotC ban Hogaak or something from the deck by July 8? How does the Hogaak phenomenon compare to Eldrazi Winter in 2015? How is the Burn matchup against Hogaak? Is [card]Rampaging Ferocidon[/card] the silver bullet that red decks need?
(00:34:59) How does the Hogaak mirror play out?
(00:40:56) Is it really terrible that the Red Bull tournament is not enforcing decklists?
(00:48:08) Was deck choice more important for the MCIII than player skill? But wasn’t that a great tournament over all? Is the double elimination format more exciting than a top 8?
(01:01:07) What’s the over-under on the number of Hogaak decks in the top 8 of the team Modern SCG Pittsburgh?

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