1 thought on “Drafting with FlamingSheep – DTK #2”

  1. Hiya, thanks for the video.

    Sound is fine, first of all. Some thoughts:
    P1P3: you don’t seem to consider the Ukud Cobra, which I think would be my pick.
    P2P1: Is Sidisi actually better than gravecaller? I’m not sure.
    P2P2: I think I’d go corpseweft over butcher.
    P3P2: I think the pick is definitely Angler over reality shift.
    P3Pallthepicks: So many bathe in dragonfires. ;-; I think if you’d taken the first one you’d be able to play all three, oh well.

    Deck construction: Easy -ancestral statue, +ugin’s dude. statue is kinda poopy.
    M1G1: your turn 6, you could have attacked with your scribe for free damage. But you really should have attacked, defeated his guy, and looted.
    M1G2: when he attacked for 9 the first time, I’m not sure why you didn’t double block his guy. You missed 8 damage by not using the vial on the reach dudes as well (although I think you realized that).

    M2G2: I’m not sure what you play around by not casting skullkeeper t2. When he cast the illusory gains, you could have exploited the youthful scholar to permanently remove the gains by bouncing the naga. There was no need to use defeat.
    Rough beats! that guys deck was nuts.


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