3 thoughts on “Drafting with Semulin # 12 – Cube”

  1. That was a lot of fun, always enjoied monored
    Keep up the good work mr. Semulin!

  2. I’m fairly sure maximizing the number of 2 power 1 cmc dudes is good idea for rdw, especially with hellrider. I have no idea how you passed the tattermunge maniac the second time, that was a gift.
     I would’ve cut a lot the cards you need to work for (genju), situational cards (bonfire, metamorph) and weaker sideboard cards (tibalt, blood knight) and opted to maximize on your land destruction (which improves as you have multiples) and creatures.
    – genju, bonfire, metamorph, tibalt, blood knight
    + frenzied goblin, goblin ruinblaster, molten rain, ravenous baboons, tattermunge maniac
    nice to see RDW though, thanks for the vid.

  3. In M3G3 the reason he couldn’t block is because Stormblood Berserker says this creature cannot be blocked except by two or more creatures.


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