Exclusive Double Masters 2022 Spoiler Cards

Thanks Wizards for giving Face to Face Games these preview cards!

Double Masters is shaping up to be a powerhouse Limited set. With powerful reprints spanning Magic’s history, from Standard sets to Commander sets, I’m super excited to crack some packs and get drafting.

One unique aspect about Double Masters 2022 is the amount of Commander cards that are being reprinted. Since these cards have yet to show up in a Limited environment it will be interesting to see what synergies players find with them.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at Face to Face Games’ official Double Masters 2022 spoilers!

As an Esper aficionado I’m super excited to play with Varina, Lich Queen in Limited. This card, originally printed in Commander 2018, is a first-pickable bomb that I’m more than happy to build around. Four mana for a 4/4 body that gives you card selection and also has a game-winning engine is nothing to smirk at.

When writing this article I was also pretty stoked to spoil Skinrender! I first began playing Magic in Scars of Mirrodin (almost 12 years ago!) so it’s exciting to talk about a card I probably lost to a lot in my first couple of drafts. There’s not a ton to be said about how solid of a card Skinrender is. It’s a Flametongue Kavu that can also just permanently downgrade a creature. While not as insane of a bomb as Varina, this card is still highly pickable in a draft and I’d be happy to take this to add to my Black decks.

While only a few other zombie cards have been previewed in Double Masters 2022, I’m sure more will be rising from the grave soon enough!