Infect earned some respect in Saskatoon


Perhaps no other deck in all of Modern can catch you off-guard the way Infect can.

When you sit down for your match, and your opponent leads with a forest into Glistener Elf — the pressure is on.

And it was that pure linear aggression that Nik Lyons-Morgan was able to wield in order to lift our F2F Tour – Saskatoon Trophy this past weekend.

Your champion, Nik Lyons-Morgan.

Lyons-Morgan defeated Jon White and his aggressive take on the Death’s Shadow archetype in the finals. From where I’m sitting, seeing two linear aggressive decks show up in the finals this past weekend is not surprising at all. Modern has been centered around the dominance of Primeval Titan decks since the banning of Mox Opal at the beginning of January, and decks like Infect prey on slow ramp strategies.

Joining them in the Top 8 was Kevin Brown piloting another aggro deck in Burn, Brian Kaminsky on Mono-Green Tron, the seemingly unstoppable Kyle Gellert who played the revamped Simic Urza deck, Aaron Kernaghan on a Collected Company and Devoted Druid hybrid and finally Mark McDonald playing TitanShift.

Your F2F Tour Saskatoon Top 8.

Our Top 8 is a perfect microcosm of Modern right now — some big mana decks, and a whole bunch of aggro trying to beat them.

From my perspective, the most interesting outlier to that statement is Gellert’s Urza deck. He chose to use Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath as a way to make up for some of the lost mana acceleration Mox Opal provided. While this deck is not as explosive as the previous versions of Urza, they’re much better at grinding and can offer a level of interaction that’s pretty much unmatched in Modern right now. Which is the exact same theory that Face to Face Games writer Eli Kassis used when building his Dimir version of the deck this past weekend:

When you’re trying to beat Primeval Titan and Blighted Agent at the same time, a pile of counter spells and some Fatal Pushs do a pretty good job.

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Thank you to everyone who came out this past weekend and packed the house for our event in Saskatoon. While everyone was battling in the main event, we had players jamming $10 drafts all day long and battling Commander pods with our special guests from the Commander Cookout Podcast. And a special shout-out to the group of four friends who decided to brighten our day by showing up and playing the entire day in jean shorts — or “jorts” as they so affectionately called them.

Congratulations to Nik Lyons-Morgan and to the rest of the Top 8 on their outstanding performances this past weekend. Before I leave you for the week, I’d like to also extend a special thank you to both our judge staff and our sponsor Ultimate Guard for helping us put on a great event.

The next stop on the F2F Tour is coming up this Saturday, Feb. 8 in both Hamilton, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta. Both events will be Pioneer, so we’ll have a ton of new information about this brand new format following Roy Yang’s win in Vancouver! Make sure to pre-register for Hamilton HERE and Edmonton HERE and we’ll see you on the battlefield!