Factory Worker Proxy Contest Results #8

In October, we wrapped up Factory Worker Proxy Contest #8 and we are sharing the results of that contest on ManaDeprived.com today. To learn how to enter one of these contests, go check out The Proxy Factory G+ Community.

What follows is Josh P’s breakdown of the results.

The Setup

A rather stunned Josh Enke dropped this at the theme:

I just found out that I won last week’s contest so the current contest’s theme is any Theros card.

The Sponsors

Our amazing friends at ManaDeprived.com and FacetoFaceGames.com are the proud sponsors of the contest, with store credit prizes of $40 to first and $10 to second place.

The Voting

After many empty bottles, and a dearth of crumpled singles clumsily slipped into g-strings in the HM VIP Lounge, Z, Matty, and Scotty managed to decipher their collective chicken scratch and come up with some scores. Scores are based on a scale of 1 -10 with 10 being the highest score. Judges are encouraged to give feedback, but it is not mandatory.

Scotty’s Votes

Trevor Davis – Triad of Fates – 7
Clean as always, art was only a fine selection though

Siro Eris – Unknown Shores – 5
Liked frame idea, but felt incomplete with no text

Daniel Sexton – Anger of the Gods – 8
Love the Beta renders. This one was super nice.

Tom Stolt – Baleful Eidolon – 6
Picture was too much. Could have been zoomed out on a little for better effect

Josh Enke – Satyr Hedonist – 5

Shreyas Sampat – Traveler’s Amulet – 5

Jakov Skaro – Anax and Cymede – 5

Adam Dexter – Thassa – 8
Loved this one. was easily second place this week

Les Kershaw – Fleecemane Lion token – 6
Good, would have liked it still being a 3/3 since ability gives a counter, but great job on the token.

Brandon Long – Nylea – 9
Not much to say. Definitely the winner. The whole set look super amazing. I don;t like the SDCC frame being over done, but the sparkle in the God Cards lend themselves flawlessly to this treatment. Well done.

Bryan Lundin – Chained to the Rocks – 8
I was surprised by how much I actually liked this one. The more I look at it, the more I appreciate it. Spill was well done, art is great.

Josh P’s Votes

Trevor Davis – Triad of Fates – 7
I am always against modern weaponry on an MTG card. While the art is a fitting choice given the card, it does not feel MTG to me. Super clean render, with subtle spill. I’d like to see shadow on the spill to maximize the 3D effect.

Siro Eris – Unknown Shores – 6
Superb art choice. The frame just does not make sense. Using the negative space for card info might make this a functional template. Nice start, but keep working on it.

Daniel Sexton – Anger of the Gods – 6
Attempting Beta is difficult, I know. This render, sans text, is nice and clean. The text require meticulous research to feel period accurate. “Suffer damage” would fit nicely here.

Tom Stolt – Baleful Eidolon – 5
Busy busy busy. This is an example where minimizing the amount of frame elements can hurt a render. This may have worked better with the classic font-set for Title, P/T, etc.

Josh Enke – Satyr Hedonist – 8
Clean, excellent art choice. The rules text might be a shade too small.

Shreyas Sampat – Traveler’s Amulet – 7
Super clean custom frame, though a tad on the busy side. The art, while appropriate for the piece, does not match the quality of the frame used. Ton’s of work obviously went into this piece, and it shows.

Jakov Skaro – Anax and Cymede – 4
As stated, this was your first attempt. The art choice fits. Study what others are doing with custom frames to gain some insight for your next submission. Everyone get’s better with practice.

Adam Dexter – Thassa – 8
Sometimes it’s the little things that can bring a score down. For instance, the transparency of the P/T box shows the frame beneath it. Using Eldrazi as an example from WOTC, the frame should not be seen. I’d like to have see a use of the enchantment creature frame starry element.

Les Kershaw – Fleecemane Lion token – 6
I’m just not sure this works within the game as is. Unless I’m mistaken, Monstrous is not a creature type. Perhaps Monstrous Creature — Cat works better. As stated in the lengthy notes, the +1/+1 counters matter.

Brandon Long – Nylea – 9
The shear volume of work in this is amazing. It’s so much work, that it’s not even noticeable as it’s flows so seamlessly. The only deductions I give are for aesthetics. The textbox background should be more opaque, and the frame texture should match other SDCC cards. I’m not a fan of super-art-yet-fully-framed cards. Extremely, extremely well done.

Bryan Lundin – Chained to the Rocks – 6
So much potential for a unique render! What if you had done it in a custom frame, sideways? The art just does not center well, nor fit vertically. The render itself is very clean.

Matty’s Votes

Trevor Davis – Triad of Fates – 8
Man this is a bold move. I think the art choice is a perfect match for the card and the subtle breaking frame effects are nice but I would have played around with the positions of the characters a bit and made Franklin larger then the other two. Great work.

Siro Eris – Unknown Shores – 6
Its nice but there is some odd scratch effect and lens flares that are obscuring the art and I feel it detracts. The frame is a nice touch though.

Daniel Sexton – Anger of the Gods – 6
Good attempt but the choice of art is a little off for me.

Tom Stolt – Baleful Eidolon – 6
Its got a dark feel which is a good match to the concept of the card but it feels a little to murky to me.

Josh Enke – Satyr Hedonist – 8
The classical feel of the art is a pure home run for me. Very nice.

Shreyas Sampat – Traveler’s Amulet – 8
Love the frame, the breaking of the art with the hand. This is very good.

Jakov Skaro – Anax and Cymede: – 4
Something about this I just dont like. Text is too hard to read as well.

Adam Dexter – Thassa – 10
This is heads and shoulders above the rest. Art is perfect, Super art frame with the breaking of the edges. Love the blue feel as it resonates with the devotion mechanic.

Les Kershaw – Fleecemane Lion token:: – 8
Very good execution of the super art frame

Brandon Long – Nylea :: 7
I really love the night sky effect in the black walker look

Bryan Lundin – Chained to the Rocks – 6
I think this one has great technical execution but the art is just the wrong choice. Its hard to make out the action and does not feel like anything is chained to anything.

The Winners

In first by a single point, with 26 total points, Adam Dexter’s Thassa, God of the Sea. Congratulations!


Consolation may be bitter when the margin of winning was a single point. Nevertheless, in 2nd with 25 points is Brandon Long’s Nylea, God of the Hunt.


Overall Scores

Adam Dexter – Thassa – 26
Brandon Long – Nylea -25
Trevor Davis – Triad of Fates -22
Josh Enke – Satyr Hedonist – 21
Daniel Sexton – Anger of the Gods – 20
Shreyas Sampat – Traveler’s Amulet – 20
Les Kershaw – Fleecemane Lion token – 20
Bryan Lundin – Chained to the Rocks – 20
Siro Eris – Unknown Shores – 17
Tom Stolt – Baleful Eidolon – 17
Jakov Skaro – Anax and Cymede – 13

The Entries

Art links for each entry can be found on the contest page here.

Triad of Fates UnknownShores
AoG Baleful Eidocrats7
Satyr Hedonist traveler's-amulet
Anax and Cymede Fleecemane Lion


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  1. The Nylea looks, great. Thassa is a little dissapointing as those horses look so much like Master of Wave tokens it’s crazy.


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