Factory Worker Proxy of the Week #2

The Contest

As Les Kershaw won the previous week’s contest, he earned the right to leave his remarks on this week’s contest. Les’ idea was to render out the “21st” card for FTV:20.

Head Judge’s Remarks

As posted at the G+ Community by Les:

Well didn’t we kick a hornets nest this week?

With the gracious endorsement of Kar Yung Tom of Mana Deprived fame, the weekly proxy competition was raised to a new level. The work submitted for this week’s competition was amazing. When I chose the theme for this week I didn’t think it was going to blow up like this and make the judging so hard!

There was some close voting this week and in the end it almost came down to when you submitted your work into the competition, if you entered too early it could almost be lost in the tsunami of submissions!

But one did make it to the surface and I would like to congratulate Trevor Davis for his work on Necropotence. A great piece with some personal touches from Trevor to really bring the card to life.

I would like to thank everyone for their submissions and the winner of this week’s competition will have a few days to come up with the next theme and take over the head judge duties for the week.

Remember factory workers, the next competition page will be created on Z’s G page for you to submit your work and a list of rules will be posted on the announcement of the next theme.

The Entries

Here are the entries for the contest ending 7/26. Congratulations to the 2 winners of FacetoFaceGames.com store credit, Necropotence and Demigod of Revenge.

First Place


Second Place


The Rest of the Entries

In file name order.

blackknight BoP
Cunning Wish elvish-spirit-guide
EternalDragonFINAL Falkenrath Aristocrat
Homer thoughtseize LightingBolt
Mana Drain2 Mana Drain


Art Links

Necropotence as submitted by Trevor Davis
Demigod of Revenge as submitted by Adam Dexter
Black Knight as submitted by Jason Mong
Birds of Paradise as submitted by Daniel Sexton
Cunning Wish as submitted by Steven Corrigan
Elvish Spirit Guide as submitted by Shreyas Sampat
Eternal Dragon as submitted by William Brandon Smith
Falkenrath Aristocrat as submitted by Calvin Rasmussen
Thoughtseize as submitted by Joshua Enke
Lightning Bolt as submitted by Matthew Beverly
Mana Drain 1 as submitted by Michael Grote
Mana Drain 2 as submitted by Z
Stasis as submitted by BJ Sejkora

Next Contest Info

The contest ending 8/2 information can be found on the contest page in the Z’s Proxy Factory Community on Google. Those interested in submitting a piece need to first read the rules and agree to abide by them. Let’s have some fun!