Factory Worker Proxy of the Week #6

The Setup

Per the contest rules, last week’s winner takes on the temporary position of Head Judge for the current contest. The Head Judge also has the privilege to select this week’s theme.

As Trevor Davis triumphed in the previous contest, here is his theme for this week.

Well, it’s that time again Factory Workers, Week 6!

A few weeks ago I talked about wanting to do an Unhinged/Unglued alter contest. Early last week I saw a post by Mark Rosewater on the Mothership titled “Un-Seen”. The article talked about “Un” cards that never saw the light of day. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the article, it’s a good read.


I felt the stars aligning on this one, and am pleased to announce this week’s contest to be….

The Unglued, the Unhinged, & the Un-Seen!

I only have two rules for this week’s contest
– Any card from Unglued/Unhinged OR any one of the unreleased cards mentioned in the article.
– Have fun!

The whole idea behind this one is to just go nuts. There’s so much potential for this contest, and I want to see something new and creative.


The Sponsors

The home of the contest is the Z’s Proxy Factory Google+ Community. Our amazing friends at ManaDeprived.com and FacetoFaceGames.com are the proud sponsors of the contest, with weekly store credit prizes of $20 to first and $5 to second place.

The Winners


Hot Picks

The Entries

A few may have straddled too close to the cut-off, but here they are regardless.



The Head Judge Speaks

This week’s contest didn’t see many entries, but all of them were very imaginative and well done. The two entries tied for the most votes were Joshua Enke’s “Denied” and TheProxyGuy’s “Hot Picks”. My favorite piece this week is actually Jason Mong’s “Censorship”, but it failed to get the community vote. Since I am the Head Judge I have to break the tie. This is a very tough decision for me, as I like both pieces for different reasons.

When I chose the topic for this contest I thought and hoped that we’d see a bigger turn out of submissions and activity. I only set two guidelines for the contest; Any Unglued/Unhinged/Unseen card, and most importantly “Have fun!”. Although Joshua & TheProxyGuy both produced great pieces with the given subject matter, I do feel like one piece seemed to have had more “fun” than the other. This was the deciding factor for me.

So the winner of this week’s Unglued/Unhinged/Un-seen Proxy Contest is…..Joshua Enke’s “Denied”!

As soon as I saw this card I started laughing. It is exactly the kind of imaginative piece I was hoping for, and I must say that I wasn’t expecting an animated gif entry at all. TheProxyGuy’s piece was pretty much flawless, per usual, but it didn’t surprise me in any way like Joshua’s piece did. This fact slightly edged out the decision for me, but it was a very tough call. My only criticisms are that the spacing in the text box of “Denied” needed some work, and using the unused artwork for “Hot Picks” made it feel more like a mock-up than an actual altered proxy.

Great work winners, and everyone who submitted! Let’s get some more entries up next week, and keep this community thriving.

Art Links

Denied as submitted by Joshua Enke is from the Geico commercial featuring Dikembe Mutombo
Hot Picks as submitted by Z
Censorship as submitted by Jason Mong
Red Hot Hottie as submitted by Shreyas Sampat

Next Context

The next contest has already received some lovely submissions. Check them out here!


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