Heavy Meta #39 – Angels Among Us

The cave is graced this week by the holiest of holy angels in this episode. The crew talk FTV20, Worlds coverage, Heather’s view of #MedinaGate, and mostly just laugh our asses off.

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12 thoughts on “Heavy Meta #39 – Angels Among Us”

  1. Just got through the “Babes for Babies” part, and there’s a huge point that was missed talking about that event.

    * The event is a TCGPlayer $1k, which means it’s sanctioned.
    * Without a lot of hoops jumped on the store’s side, the DCI will only permit open entry events to be sanctioned. Anyone who can enter the store and has a valid DCI number must be allowed to enter.

    If this is a case, a male player could go up and enter. There’s only a few outcomes to this :
    * He is allowed to enter.
    * He is not allowed, and the store gets reported to the DCI
    * They do not allow him to enter, and cancel the event.

    Short of them banning every male from entering the store during the registration period, they can’t enforce this rule.

  2. Hey guys,
    Nice show as always. Just listened to the part about Zack Hill, and it seems that you guys are confusing Zack Hill, a squirelly guy that works for wizards coverage, with Zack Hall, a redheaded guy that works for SCG coverage. Peace!

  3. Clearly Heavy Meta is not confusing anything. Zac Hill and Zack Hall are to blame, because their names are too similar. Anyone wanting any Magic notoriety must henceforth be bound by the rules set forth by the Screen Actors Guild:

    SAG makes every effort to avoid enrolling members with the same name or with very similar names. Because the list of available names changes daily, it would not be helpful to you for us to research your name choices before you join. During your joining appointment, we will ask you for three alternate name choices, in case your first choice is not available. A final name-availability check is done at the time the initiation fee is paid. Only then can an applicant be assured of having a particular professional name. (from http://www.sagaftra.org/content/getting-started-actor-faq).

    Also by listening to Heavy Meta you are bound by a non-verbal agreement that states that Matty, Kevy, and the Ferret are always correct. Its actually part of the intro song, Thunder, cleverly disguised as record scratches.

    • YOU SIR need to come work for HeavyMeta INC! I bestow in you the honorary title of Master of Continuity & Defender of HeavyMeta Righteousness

      • I am deeply honored, and since I obviously listened to the episode am contractually bound to accept your every word as correct. Its unprofessional for me to print this out and frame it at my desk right?!

  4. Oh man, that episode was a hoot! Heather makes for a great guest and I’m glad you guys are pushing the 2hr 30min mark again. Of course, I appreciate all the love I was given in the post show. Glad my work lives up to the SVU standards. And Kevy, I accept your apology. Granted, there was never any hard feelings. I mean, heavy drinking was involved with the application of this item, so one has to expect the likelihood of forgetfulness. And one last thing, speaking of waiting for people to follow them so you feel important, you’re the only Heavy Meta host not following me yet, Kevy!


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