Heavy Meta #71 – Boozecube Winners 2014

After an exhaustive judging panel, the boys have come to a decisive top 10. This was the hardest contest the boys have ever judged. Congratulations to all! After the crew gets through the winners they talk MTGO spikes, will we see a new Ajani in Journey to Nyx, and more!


  1. Whooziles Hex
  2. HeavyMeta Air Support
  3. Steve Raffle, Blood Scribbler-
  4. Reserve List
  5. Heavy Meta Wolverine
  6. Drunkcaster Mage
  7. Belligerent Ninja
  8. Drunken Pact
  9. Robot Large
  10. Spivey, Ravings Drunkard

Every Top 10 Entree gets – Your Boozecube Card Created, Printed and Sent to you from @theProxyguy

1st Place
– Heavy Meta Signed Hoodie – Limited Edition White – XL – Signed
– Sealed Born of the Gods Booster Box
– Complete set of HeavyMeta Community Expansion – Sent to you from @theProxyguy

2nd Place
– Sealed Born of the Gods Booster Box

3rd Place
– Sealed Born of the Gods Booster Box

4th Place
– [card]Arid Mesa[/card] – Paper Shockland

5th Place
– MTGO – 10 Shocklands (1 of each) – @Mattystudios

Community Vote Prize
– Playset of Promo Foil Gravecrawlers – Paper
– And because of Chad being the best ever he is donating his 2nd place prize as well!

How do you pick the community winner? Simple comment in this episode with the card you feel deserves it. We will tally the card with the most votes on next week’s cast.

1) Whoisles Hex 2) Heavy Meta Air Support 3) Steve Raffle, Blood Scribbler 4) Reserve List 5) Heavy Meta Wolverine 6) Drunkcaster Mage 7) Belligerent Ninja 8) Drunken Pact 9) Robot Large 10) Spivey, Ravings Drunkard

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