Hogaak and Looting Bans, Stoneforge Unban, GP Vegas Stories

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(1:00) Shaheen’s reaction to the additions of Rivals and the Players Tour
(5:45) Reacting to Hogaak/Looting ban & Stoneforge unban
(23:20) Where was UW in terms of power level before and now after the bans?
(35:40) How’d Elliot’s Vegas Grand Prix go with Hogaak?
(39:45) Jon started running hot and wasfeatured twice at MagicFest Vegas with Neobrand. How was his weekend?
(44:15) Where do we go from her in Modern? Jon is thinking Valakut…
(50:15) Should Jon have played a “real deck”?
(1:02:00) Discussing Tobi Henke’s mathematicial conclusion that a deck with higher variance is better to spike a tourney

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