HypeClub #2 – Calling the ThunderCats!

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In this week’s episode the boys call down the thunder! Starting with the Aether Revolt Pre Release recap the boys talk importance of being positive and welcoming to new players, being genuine & how hype helps make friends. That leads them into the debut of a new deck in frontier the boys have brewed up called ThunderCats and they wrap up with talking foils that are a great deal to watch for and the future of magic with speculation about Magic Digital Next and what that could mean for players who have big mtgo collections.

Calling the ThunderCats | Frontier Deck List

Authors: @mattystudios & @AwesomeSauceMTG

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Stay tuned recruits! We are in the process of getting test prints made up. We want to get these first limited edition shirts perfect. We will be tweeting out pre order forms soon so watch the twittersphere!

Special Shout out to @whoisles on twitter for taking the #HypeClub branding and creating some amazing wallpapers for all the fans!


Closing Track – Cheetara’s Theme – ThunderCats OST (1983)