HypeClub #28 – Modern Life

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Warning: This episode is not suitable for younger listeners.

The week Matty is joined by none other than Jay Boosh and they talk expletives:

  • Life after podcasting with the big dogs
  • Is littering causing climate change?
  • Jobs
  • Does a job define you?
  • The end of small talk OR how to be entertaining at parties

And they wrap up with adventures in Costco: The Handicap Stall.

@MattyStudios – Applying the #SeriousCasual mindset to all facets of life, the universe and everything.
@JayBoosh – Living the modern life

Closing Track – Rocko’s Modern Life Rap Beat Dj Fusion – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTn6b4O1I-8