HypeClub #3 – Terminators

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In this week’s episode the boys talk: Do Standard bannings help/hurt Frontier, debut the new green machine for the Frontier format which they have dubbed Terminators, Duel deck Nissa VS Ob (buy it?), How powerful are Frontier decks compared to Modern decks, MM3 reprint speculation, and they wrap up with why you should buy cards you love.

Terminators | Frontier Deck List

Authors: @mattystudios & @AwesomeSauceMTG

Youtube | AwesomeSauceMTG

HypeClub Merch Update

Test shirts will be in this week:) We did this to check sizing and will model some shirts from medium to 3xl so you all can see exactly what they look like. Also if you guys want stickers we want to know! Hit us in the comments please.


Closing TrackGuns N’ Roses – You Could Be Mine