HypeClub #30 – Iconic Trolls

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Warning: This episode is not suitable for younger listeners.

The week Matty & TSG give you a double length episode with TwitterHole2 to boot.

  • Iconic Masters was Modern Masters 4
  • MTG Arena
  • Why adding eternal formats to Arena is YEARS away if ever
  • Is limited a viewer friendly format for the PT? How can you make it exciting?
  • Is Ixalan the most casual set ever?

And wrap up with “is casual the future of the game or is 2017 just the test year to see how they can make standard for the casual player and release 2-3 masters sets for the hardcore. Have we lost the middle?”

HypeCast is still trying to find the best time to release its episodes. Stay tuned as Monday is looking more and more possible.

@MattyStudios – Applying the #SeriousCasual mindset to all facets of life, the universe and everything.
@TristanGregson – Drafting and letting life be framed in the lens of the magnificent.

Closing Track – Kadenza – Let’s Do It