HypeClub #32 – Energy Overload

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Warning: This episode is not suitable for younger listeners.

This week Matty joined by: @TristanGregson and they talk

  • PT Ixalan
  • Is it boring due to new 5 week release before pt
  • Where is all the innovation gone in standard, is energy too good?
  • Core sets return next year – I want new core sets to be like intergalactic cable. Random, isolated cool characters from the future and past. No GW.
  • Tabletop gaming convention
  • Las Vegas hockey impressions
  • Jim Carrey – has he found the secret to life or is he just crazy

And wrap up talking Blade Runner 2049 and how a beautiful looking movie can sometimes go wrong.

@MattyStudios – Applying the #SeriousCasual mindset to all facets of life, the universe and everything.
@TristanGregson – smoothly cooking up the spice of life

Closing Track – A Tribe Called Quest – Dis Generation (ft. Busta Rhymes)