HypeClub #33 – unSustainable

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Warning: This episode is not suitable for younger listeners.

This week Matty joined by: @TristanGregson and they talk

  • Matty test drives Arena.
  • Unstable cube potentials.
  • Iconic masters in Walmart? Wait WHAT?
  • Iconic feels like a test from wotc to see if a premium set can sell with less value and in mass market. I fear they are forgetting the LGS in all this.
  • Is the collectibility of the game going to be dropped in the future? You can rent cards on MTGO now at about 10% the value of tix per month. How does a secondary marketplace where the cost of a whole deck is cheaper then a booster box?
  • Why you will never have modern deck prices even close to that of standard decks. The end of master’s sets coming soon? Or resting them for a year like masterpieces.
  • How many players are there? 12 mil? Did we loose 8 mil?
  • Is the economy, Trump etc actually causing people to make hard choices and Magic is an easy cut? I mean, need to make rent, don’t need to buy packs . .

And wrap up on how to bring the magic back to Magic and is another GP Vegas 2015/17 even possible anymore. Can you recreate something that amazing again?

@MattyStudios – Applying the #SeriousCasual mindset to all facets of life, the universe and everything.
@TristanGregson – Looking at life through the lens of experience.

Closing Track – deadmau5 feat. Chris James – The Veldt