HypeClub #6 – Eternal Warriors

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This week eternal formats get the smack down and the boys are not happy as they discuss: The Standard-only approach WotC is taking; Are they desperate to make Magic an e-sport and is this sandard approach in relation to MDN;  Long term effects to non supported formats; How this affects LGSs; Modern Masters 2017 is coming soon with no GP or coverage support; Does standard become the only game in town and what does that do to prices; Does this make Frontier even MORE important; Magic Open House (full art Amonkhet Lands) will have rewards of full art lands; and why playing and having the most amount of formats is the best for the player.

HypeClub Merch –  We are DONE! Off to the printers we go. Thank you so much to everyone who supported us. Much HYPE to you all!

Stay tuned to twitter and get updates on merch and playmats. We estimate that we will start shipping first week of March.

HypeClub Playmats – Yes they are coming

Stay tuned as we will have playmats available soon. Right now you can purchase them at Face to Face Toronto if you are a local. We will be offering them for order and shipping soon.

Road Warriors – Deck by @awesomeSauceMTG


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Closing TrackMint Royale – From Rusholme With Love