HypeClub #7 – Counter Hype

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This week the boys play Hype 3 to start off and delve into the Modern metagame with results from SCG and GP Vancouver; New MDN details and theories on if MDN is even a game or just a term for the entire online magic system; New MM2017 Pack art, FULL ART LANDS in Amonkhet but chase versions; God Cycles; and wrap up on balancing your view of Magic with regards to very negative people in social media.

HypeClub Playmats – Yes they are coming

Update – PlayMats are available at Face To Face Games Toronto:

  • 2 mats shipped anywhere in US $50 USD
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HypeClub Merch – Update – At Printers now.
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Closing Track – Donut Productions – Fly The Coop (Las Vegas Mix)

4 thoughts on “HypeClub #7 – Counter Hype”

  1. Great cast guys!

    My Hype 3:

    Avatar of the Resolute: Nice Goyf, bro. Ours has reach and trample

    Eldritch Evolution: Here’s a sequence: Cast Experiment One; cast Strangleroot Geist, evolve Exp. 1; sac Geist to Evolution, it comes back with counters, evolves Exp 1 again; play Avatar off of Evolution, it comes in with two counters and evolves Exp. 1 again. Does your matchup call for an Anafenza, Kalitas, Linvala!? Grab it off evolution, and keep your now bigger Geist.

    Inspiring Call: Draw a bunch of cards, save all our dudes

    (You might have noticed a theme–the counters hype is real)

  2. My hype 3! Good time to be a green mage!

    1 – Nissa, Vital Force

    Has been amazing in scapeshift shells, specifically in my RG titanshift list. Protects itself and emblems next turn (insane value in a ramp deck). Brings a win-con that can help win through blood moon, and can get back Engineered Explosives/Relic of Progenitus post board.

    2 – Chord of Calling

    This one ive been looking at in the context of Frontier right now. There are so many fun options to play from finding Eldrazi Displacer/Brood Monitor combo and silver bullets, to playing Panharmonicon elves and going Panharmonicon > Chord for Woodland Bellower > get 2x Shaman of the pack > 4x triggers.

    3 – Renegade Rallier

    Great for modern/frontier GW/x company decks! Looking forward to playing more Bant CoCo and using this guy to recur Voice of Resurgence, Qasali Pridemage, Selfless Spirit, etc. I can see this guy being a major beating against fair decks that run a lot of spot removal.

  3. 1 – Siege Rhino

    Wow, what can I say other than what an amazing card? It’s a 4/5 with trample, and lightning helixes, talk about value! In modern this card is a beast (quite literally) and outclasses many of the creatures that people are playing.

    2 – Siege Rhinoceros

    This card may possibly be my favorite creature ever! He dodges fatal push and doom blade, and he’s basically pro red removal (nice lightning bolt loser!). Tribal Minotaurs is a very popular deck in my meta, so having this guy around really gives me the edge.

    3 – Sieging Rhinos

    Basically this guy is a powerhouse of a card. Back when he was in standard, it’s no wonder that every deck played 0 – 9 copies of him. Even in commander this card is a beast. Most won’t realize this unless they’re a high level magic player, but Sieging Rhinos says “Each opponent loses 3 life” so if you’re in an 11 man commander pod, that’s 30 damage! Get rekt kids.


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