HypeClub #7 – Counter Hype

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This week the boys play Hype 3 to start off and delve into the Modern metagame with results from SCG and GP Vancouver; New MDN details and theories on if MDN is even a game or just a term for the entire online magic system; New MM2017 Pack art, FULL ART LANDS in Amonkhet but chase versions; God Cycles; and wrap up on balancing your view of Magic with regards to very negative people in social media.

HypeClub Playmats – Yes they are coming

Update – PlayMats are available at Face To Face Games Toronto:

  • 2 mats shipped anywhere in US $50 USD
  • 2 mats shipped anywhere in CAN $65 CAN
  • 1 playmat shipped anywhere in Canada $35 CAD
  • OR $19.95 in store

HypeClub Merch – Update – At Printers now.
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Closing Track – Donut Productions – Fly The Coop (Las Vegas Mix)