HypeClub #8 – Damned if you do. Damnation if you don’t!

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This week the crew talk MM3 fetchland and Damnation reprints galore; How big will this print run of MM3 be and does that tell us anything; how does a large MM3 run affect its foils, as there will be many more foils than a normal run; is Frontier dead bc Modern is hyped (NO!); how to play almost all formats (affordably); why enjoying and appreciating all formats leads to a better player journey; Why it’s time to decouple the Promo from the Pro from the Tour; MDN hype is already at and above expectations. It’s time to be realistic here and take the hype down just a level.

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Closing Track – AKIRA – Kaneda’s Theme
Closing Track 2 – Time – Orange side of the moon – Neko Neko
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