Magic Online Force of Will Promo

Today, an article on the Mothership went up detailing upcoming changes to Magic Online, including the location of the 2012 MOCS Championship (Boston), updates for the 2013 season, massively increased PTQ prize support, and new MPR requirements and promos (Cruel Edict and Silverblade Paladin).

All that really matters though, is that Force of Will is finally getting a reprint online. It’s the MOCS 2013 promo, and doing well in the newly added Season Preliminaries (four lead-in tournaments to the Season Finals) will earn you additional copies of each season’s promo.

The scarcity of Force of Will has long been seen as a hindrance to the growth of online Legacy, where the card costs over $100 each, assuming you can even find them for sale. This reprint should release a large number of new Force of Wills into the system, and will hopefully reinvigorate the currently-stagnant and near-dead online Legacy format.

Let us know what you think of this reprint in the comments below!