Mani’s Vancouver Food Guide

With Pro Tour Magic Origins in Vancouver this weekend, I wanted to write up a short list of some of my favorite/most recommended restaurants around the downtown Vancouver area. Vancouver is an amazing food city, and it is hard to spend any amount of time here without eating some delicious food. I highly recommend making the most of your time here and sampling as much of it as you can!


Café Medina
780 Richards St2_Medina_Waffles
Medina is probably the best breakfast spot in the city, but also comes with an average 30-60 minute wait time at any given point. The wait is absolutely worth it, and the food is fantastic. The waffles are a must have.

Twisted Fork Bistro
1147 Granville StIMG_2701
Twisted Fork is a great alternative to Medina and usually comes with half the wait time.


70-200 Granville StMiku-Restaurant-17
Miku is an awesome sushi experience, and conveniently located down the road from the Convention Centre. The food is a little pricey but worth every cent. The Miku Signature Selection gives you a nice sampler of their sushi, and the Salmon Oshi is very addictive.

Guu with Garlic
1698 Robson StGuu-5
Guu is an awesome Izakaya (Japanese Tapas) place with great food that is perfect for sharing.
Marutama Ramen
780 Bidwell StMarutama-Ramen-Vancouver-Noodle
Marutama is well loved in Vancouver for their use of flavorful Chicken soup base and large portions.
Meat and Bread
1033 West Pender St/370 Cambie Stmeat-and-bread-metro-newspaper-lunch-rush-erin-ireland
Meat and Bread has some of the best sandwiches in the city, with a fixed menu and a daily sandwich special. Unfortunately, they are only open for lunch, and only on Mon-Fri (Cambie St location is open on Saturday as well). The Pender St location is a block away from the Convention Centre.

Memphis Blues Barbeque House
430 Robson Stmemphis-blues-bbq-house
For those who didn’t get their fill of BBQ in Dallas, Memphis Blues is a great place to visit for BBQ done right.
207 West Hastings St3817524657_564c8298cf_o
Nuba serves delicious Lebanese food made from fresh ingredients, and has a nice mix of meat and vegetarian options.
Bao Down
12 Powell Stvancouver-bao-down-gastown-restaurant-review-kimchi-fries
Bao Down is the place to go for awesome Korean Street Food and sandwiches.
568 Beatty St348s
The sister restaurant to Café Medina, Chambar offers a Belgian cuisine menu and a great beer selection
as well.
Smak Healthy Fast Food
1139 West Pender Stsmak_005
Smak is located down the road from the Convention Centre, and has lots of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Corner of Burrard St and West Pender Stjapadog
A Vancouver classic, Japadogs are hotdogs like you’ve never had them before. Located close to the Convention Centre, they are a must have at least once on your trip.

Cactus Club Café
1085 Canada Placeyummy-tuna-tataki
Located next door to the Convention Centre and open late, Cactus Club is a great option for those looking to just sit down for some food after a long day before heading back to their hotel.


Bella Gelateria
1001 West Cordova St6PVEOPBm
Old fashioned gelato made by an award winning master, Bella Gelateria is located across the street from the Convention Centre. The variety of flavors, each tastier than the last, make this a spot worth visiting again and again.
1059 Alberni Stphoto-21
Thierry is a French chocolaterie/pastry shop, and is a great place to sit down for some dessert or to pick up some souvenirs to take home.
Patisserie Fur Elise
847 Hamilton St348s (1)
In addition to delicious French Pastries, Patisserie Fur Elise also offers afternoon tea all set within a beautiful Victorian Heritage House.

Late Night

Donair Dude
1172 Davie St/1145 Granville StDonairDude003
For those who are looking for something greasy and satisfying after a night of partying, Donair Dude is my go to place. Their donairs are huge, and they are open until the early hours of the morning.

Breka Bakery & Café
818 Bute St348s (2)
Breka is a 24 hour café with great pastries and sandwiches, and also a nice space for those looking to do some late night testing or drafts while others in the room are trying to sleep.

Bonus Section: Outside of Downtown

For those willing to make the trek outside of downtown, I only have one recommendation to make.

1480 West 11th Avelamb
Vij’s takes local ingredients and uses Indian spices and techniques to create a menu that is both original and delicious. There isn’t really much else to say about it other than to urge you to come here at least once on your trip if you get the opportunity.

I hope you find a few options on this list that fall within your interests. If you have any questions or are looking for suggestions for something else, feel free to ask in the comments below or tag me on Twitter.

Mani Davoudi