Men From Modo #2 – Maximizing Spelltwine

KYT returns with Kenji Egashira and Josh Frankel as they break down more cards for M13 Limited.

– Slumbering Dragon
– Touch of the Eternal
– Spelltwine
– Switcheroo
– Mind Rot
– Mailbag
– Crack-a-Pack

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manadeprived – Kar Yung Tom
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solebush1 – Josh Frankel

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@kytmagic – Kar Yung Tom
@NumotTheNummy – Kenji Egashira

10 thoughts on “Men From Modo #2 – Maximizing Spelltwine”

  1. Oh BTW Slumbering Dragon +Primadox+Bond Beetle….AWWW YEAH 🙂 (JK)

    • JoshuaLemish That defintitely gets more style points than the red ring.

      • JoshFrankel red ring is so…boring 🙂 take the combo route.. the incredibly stupid slow combo route 🙂 Or throw in the blue guy that forces attacks! AWWW YEAK!

  2. Slam pick? Really?  I didn’t think anything was that good.  I’ll probably take the faerie, since it can function as removal. I’m loving the podcast though.  Keep it up.

  3. I must admit that when KYT intorduced Josh Frankel at the beginning of the episode my brain converted his name to Jon Finkel and I got really excited….doh!  You still hold you own though Josh.  I like the single card disucssions.  I don’t like to run any mind rot, ever.  Switcheroo is 1-3 pickable in aggro and not as impressive in control.  Love this new cast!

  4. I’d pick Garruk’s Packleader over Faerie and Augur.  I like green fatties in M13 and drawing cards (prob only a card) is sweet.

  5. Currently playing catch up with episodes. I would pick the Pack Leader, it gives you a potential build around card and personally is just better than the rest of the pack

  6. Enjoying this new cast! I'm currently playing catch up via MTGCast, so I'm a bit behind but here are my thoughts on this first crack a pack:

    First of all, you should post the contents of the pack in the show notes so I don't have to pause repeatedly while I type them all down myself. 🙂

    Door to Nothingness.

    Augur of Bolas.
    Cleaver Riot
    Garruk's Packleader

    Bountiful Harvest
    Faerie Invaders
    Goblin Arsonist
    Guardian Lions
    Vedalken Entrancer
    Volcanic Strength
    Walking Corpse
    Wild Guess

    I'm taking the Packleader. Unfortunately, there isn't anything I'm really looking forward to tabling out of the pack like there would be if I took the Faerie Invaders (my second choice) with hopes of wheeling the Vedalken Entrancer. The Packleader is pretty easily the best card in the pack, though and a good one to start building around early.


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