Nakamura Wins GP Costa Rica, Maynard in Top 8

After a near perfect run through the field on both Days 1 and 2, Shuuhei Nakamura was crowned the champion of GP Costa Rica. A.J. Sacher, Willy Edel,  Josh Utter-Leyton, Ben Stark, David Sharfman, David Ochoa, Team Mana Deprived member Pascal Maynard, and Nakamura himself rounded out one of the most impressive GP top 8s ever.

With a frightening UW deck sporting Talrand, the Sky Summoner, his Invocation, Jace, Sleep, double Watercourser, and two Auger of Bolas to dig for his multitude of backbreaking spells, Nakamura smashed through his competition, defeating finalist David Sharfman in two games – the first of which off of a mulligan to five.

Perhaps more excitingly for Canadians, this marks Pascal Maynard’s third GP top 8 of the year, with the other two being in Indy and Mexico City. With this kind of consistency, it’s only a matter of time before he brings home a trophy of his own.

Led by rising stars Alexander Hayne and Pascal Maynard, Canada is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned.

Congratulations again to Shuuhei Nakamura and the rest of the GP Costa Rica top 8!

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