Neon Dynasty Spoilers and Four Tasty Commander Cards!

Let’s talks Magic: The Gathering today, specifically Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty! Now, Commander is obviously the greatest format ever (unbiased opinion) and Wizard’s of The Coast blessed EDH players with many fantastic sneak peaks of what is to come in the newest MTG set! So let’s delve deeper…

Tezzeret, Betrayer of Flesh

I woke up with this tingling feeling this morning deep inside my dark mono blue hating heart. “Am I dying?” I said to myself anxiously. Turns out I am fine currently, but won’t be safe for long from my buddies mono blue artifact deck. This may be a bit slow for CEDH but for my meta, 4 CMC costing planeswalkers put in the work. All abilities seem pretty useful, and abusable in some way or another. The static ability alone is why this card shines and I am excited to see how players utilize this. My first thoughts would be Mirage Mirror, which is a true degenerates card and will of course be free to activate EVERY TURN! 

Colin’s Rating: 9 partially drunk blue Gatorades out of 10!

Mirror Box

Commander players rejoice! Another one of those “legendary rules” need not apply cards is here. Again, blue players are probably smiling from ear to fun spoiling ear. Auto include in all EDH decks that run Sakashima of a Thousand Faces as a partner commander or any clone decks. Also as a side note, how funny would this card be with Scute Swarm going off. Very funny if you are a degenerate such as myself.

Colin’s Rating: 9,999,999 Scute Swarms out of 99,999,999

Michiko’s Reign of Truth/ Portrait of Michiko

Alright I know what you are all saying… “wow, an uncommon pile of human garbage you garbage human pile” (this is how people talk right?). I predict, that this card will kill a great many people in my enchantment Karona, False God deck. Aside from myself, this is an auto include in any enchantress deck for a quick surprise kill or two. It is basically another All That Glitters, and that is good enough for me! Imagine if you will, whites ability to flicker enchantments and open your mind to the stomping that will occur. Good stuff!

Colin’s Rating: 2 dead frenemies out of 3

Tamiyo, Completed Sage

There are many things I hate in this world, poor internet, starvation… but nothing more than Simic! How dare Wizard’s continue to give Simic more great cards, what about poor old Boros! Not surprised at all, Wizards of the Coast is notoriously Borosphobic. For my money, the second ability will be used and abused to bring back all those pesky things I removed from the field previously. This makes me sad, and my friends in the playgroup especially happy. 

Colin’s Rating: 7 piles of hot garbage out of 10

There are a great deal of spoilers out and about. Check them out for yourself here! Until next time, this is Colin from Cardboard Command signing off. 

Keep on Slangin!