New Judge Promos: Karakas and Noble Hierarch

Basaka on the MTG Salvation forums posted an image of the new Judge promos – Karakas and Noble Hierarch. Karakas now has the new card frame and MTGO Cube art, while the Noble Hierarch has been reprinted in the old frame.

While we’ve seen a number of Judge promos aimed at the Commander community recently, these were clearly chosen with Legacy in mind. In the past year, Karakas has exploded in price due to its ability to bounce the various powerful Legends seeing play in that format. Many people were hoping it would appear in the recent From the Vaults: Realms, and were disappointed when that failed to happen, so this reprinting should make a lot of people very happy.

As for the Hierarch, it looks incredible in the old frame, and as a popular four-of in Legacy, Modern, and even Vintage decks, should be in extremely high demand.

Link to original MTG Salvation post:

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