The Smooth Brothas #3 – Redunkulous

More Born of the Gods spoilers season! Tyrone’s excited to build with a number of the new cards, listen in to hear what he wants to brew with. Marcel brewed a sweet deck with [card]Tymaret, the Murder King[/card] with a grand total of 18 lands, in a constructed deck!?!? [card]Reaper of the Wilds[/card] is the pick for next week’s Budget Gourmet, a segment where we brew a deck around a card. This week’s Moment of Smoothness we talk about what to do if you’re attracted to someone at a FNM or tournament. The Beat of the Week is “Be Thankful For What You Got” by William DeVaughn.

Welcome to the smoothest podcast in the Magic world with your hosts Tyrone (@MTGBrainstorm) & Marcel (@MarcelMTG). We talk about deck brewing and playing Magic on a budget. We are here for the average person that is looking to have fun playing somewhat competitive decks without breaking the budget. We’re here to bring Magic back to the people along with a sick beat for your listening pleasure.

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William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What you Got