The Smooth Brothas #4 – Bitter-Sweet

Now that the Born of the Gods is fully spoiled, Tyrone and Marcel talk about cards that are sparking their interest to brew. Modern is shook up by the recent Banned & Restricted update, guess who’s back? Marcel brewed a Jund deck with [card]Reaper of the Wilds[/card] while Tyrone decided to go down the BUG path.

  • The card for this week’s Budget Gourmet is [card]Young Pyromancer[/card].
  • On the Moment of Smoothness we talk Basic Hygiene 101.
  • The Beat for the Week is Greg Perry – The Boogie Man.

Welcome to the smoothest podcast in the Magic world with your hosts Tyrone (@MTGBrainstorm) & Marcel (@MarcelMTG). We talk about deck brewing and playing Magic on a budget. We are here for the average person that is looking to have fun playing somewhat competitive decks without breaking the budget. We’re here to bring Magic back to the people along with a sick beat for your listening pleasure.

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