The Smooth Brothas #6 – When the Moon Hits Your Eye

Tyrone and Marcel go over the new brew from Pro Tour Born of the Gods, Blue Moon. Tyrone is excited another brotha, Greg Smith, took down the Legacy Open at SCG St. Louis with Painted Stone. Marcel goes over the [card]Young Pyromancer[/card] deck that Tyrone built looking for ways to improve his brew.

  • The card for this week’s Budget Gourmet is [card]Young Pyromancer[/card].
  • On the Moment of Smoothness we talk staying smooth while tilting.
  • The Beat for the Week is Isaac Hayes – Chocolate Chip.

Welcome to the smoothest podcast in the Magic world with your hosts Tyrone (@MTGBrainstorm) & Marcel (@MarcelMTG). We talk about deck brewing and playing Magic on a budget. We are here for the average person that is looking to have fun playing somewhat competitive decks without breaking the budget. We’re here to bring Magic back to the people along with a sick beat for your listening pleasure.

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