SVU Fancast #5 – From the Future

This time Mike is on his own with the boys from down under and boy are they are handful. It’s pretty hard to schedule a guest who is almost 24 hours in the future so what did Mike do? HE SCHEDULED TWO OF THEM! Josh had family commitments so this week it’s just Mike, Les Kershaw (@whoisles) and Mildy (@mildy_vein). Join us and find out what makes these guys tick. We tell wild animal stories from Australia and try and pry Mildy’s actual name from him. These two are so funny that Mike is barely able to get out an intro to the show and then they won’t let him leave at the end.

Listen to SVU Cast and see the future holds.

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Special thanks to Les and Mildy for joining me. Also thanks to Jason Mong (@offensivemtg) for working his audio editing magic and to @kytmagic for being awesome.

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