The Most Fun You’ll Have in Modern…Dwarves!

You heard me right. Dwarf isn’t exactly the most common creature type in Modern. It’s actually practically non-existent!

The creator of this deck took one look at Magda, Brazen Outlaw and decided he was going to break it – and that’s exactly what he did.

There are so many micro interactions to this deck, which is my favorite part about the deck if I am being honest. Take a look at what we are working with and I’ll start getting into the particulars.

Confused yet? Ok so Magda gives all dwarves two abilities, +1/+0 and the ability to generate a Treasure token when the creature becomes tapped. This is why the deck plays so many changelings, which count as dwarves. This is going to come in handy when we look at Magda’s “ultimate” ability.

Magda has the ability to sacrifice five treasure tokens to search for a dragon or an artifact and put it into play. If you have Universal Automaton + Magda, Brazen Outlaw + Clock of Omens + Mothdust Changeling in play you can use Mothdust to tap your squad and get a bunch of treasure tokens. Then, you can then tap some treasures to the clock to untap your Automaton, thus retapping it for another treasure.

Now when you get to five treasures you can use Magda to search out more changelings to keep the process going. Ultimately, the goal is to search for Scourge of Valkas and use its damage to go to the face. With all the changeling creatures in the deck, you’ll have a lot of dragon damage with which to win the game with.

Imperial Recruiters are meant to find Magdas. Since Magda is the key to the deck there’s a lot of Magda protection. Spellskite, Cavern of Souls, and Apostle’s Blessing are all cards utilized to pave the way for Magda to stick around. Because this deck isn’t the fastest combo deck in Modern, you need ways to be more insulated.

Unsettled Mariner is the Fury protection piece while also being an additional changeling to get things rolling. Urza’s Saga is pretty powerful in this shell as it can grab a Universal Automaton. However, you might find yourself in a situation versus an aggressive deck where you’ll want to fetch up Shadowspear instead. With Aether Vial and Springleaf Drum, there are already a bunch of incidental artifacts to buff the constructs.

Thanks to Imperial Recruiter, this deck gets to play a lot of silver bullets (single copy cards that are powerful against specific decks). In the main deck it’s only Masked Vandal, but after sideboarding we have Haywire Mite, Plague Engineer, and additional Masked Vandals as well.

This deck wants to draw only a few lands as it is looking to dump its hands fast. Some of the more ideal draws are playing a turn one Mothdust Changeling into a turn two Magda. This sequence instantly creates two treasure tokens, with which you can use to cast all the changelings in your hand at a reduced cost of one mana per changeling. This is due to the fact that each changling that comes out instantly represents an additional treasure token. This sets you up for a scary turn three.

There are a few important key tricks to know as well when playing this deck. Mutavault is a changeling and can add treasures with Magda. It is also a 3/2 with Magda out. Mothdust Changeling can fly over for damage, its ability is not a one-trick pony. Scourge of Valkas can come out as just a big early-game threat. It doesn’t need to always win the game on the spot. Grists first ability triggers off of all your changeling creatures as they are also insects. Sometimes you can chain off quite a few hits and be at a Grist ultimate the next turn it is out. When you ultimate a Grist on five loyalty, it counts itself as a creature in the graveyard.

The Sundering Titan and Portal to Phyrexia are for the opponents that take heavy losses to a single Magda tutor, but not necessarily open enough to allow you to thoroughly go off. Reflecting Pool adds a mana of any color off of a Cavern of Souls. Unsettled Mariner forces the opponent to pay one mana to use Mishra’s Bauble to target you. You’ll often want to name Insect with Cavern of Souls to assist in casting Grist, the Hunter Tide. Magda is usually easy to cast anyway and all the changelings are also insects.

Play this deck because you love Magic: The Gathering. I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking this deck is tier 1, but boy oh boy is it fun to use cards people are not used to seeing. Finding strange little interactions and “getting” people is very on-brand for me. There’s definitely room to innovate here, maybe with some new cards from Tales of Middle Earth…

Thanks for stopping by for a read. See you next time!


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