Top 8 Magic #410 – New York Surf & Turf

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Mike and Brian are joined this week by Marshall Sutcliffe of Limited Resources and other podcasts.

Once again there is a dude covered in pigeons.

Marshall has “the most Top 8 Magic Podcast” motorcycle moment possible 🙂

Marshall tries on a $175,000 watch (!!!)

About sixteen minutes on hamburgers, actually (Mike and the Marshalls actually go to Shake Shack after the podcast).

Mike recommends “the cafeteria at Facebook”


What kind of people wake up and decide they want to play with 5 different kinds of dragons???

Abzan decks are blending together… What are the characteristics of each Abzan sub-archetype?

It’s clear the game needs a central deck naming authority – Brian

A discussion about “the spirit of the game”
Mike suggests a fascinating (and infuriating) thought experiment RE: foreign Dragonlords.

What is the ultimate goal of all magic content?

And only on the Top 8 Magic podcast… A random guy writing a paper on Magic comes up to BDM and asks him to help him with his homework!

Finally the boys discuss optimal 1995-era Magic from the VICE documentary (mostly Mike yelling “Bam! Ice burn!” and “Bam! You’re dead!” at Marshall).

Your hosts:
Pro Tour Historian Brian David-Marshall – @top8games
Resident Genius Michael J. Flores – @fivewithflores

Marshall Sutcliffe – @marshall_lr

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