Top 8 Magic #415 – Fetch Lansdell

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Chris Lansdell can die now!

Judge and podcaster extraordinaire Chris Lansdell joins Mike and Brian on the corner of Waverly and Gay Mott and Hester (aka the corner of Chinatown and Little Italy) to run some post-ramen podcasting.

Topics Include:

* Who has better ramen – New York or some other city I’ve already forgotten the name of?
* Why you would need a starship to kill a caveman with a stick?
* What is going to happen to the tv show Hannibal

(RE: Canada)
“The cost of socialized medicine and free education… is a life that’s just not worth living.”

Insight of playing a GP as a judge – what was Chris’s experience and what are his takeaways for future tournaments?

The biggest mistake players can make when interacting with a judge is…

Mike has a sweet idea for Chris (and Brian names it)… “The Cover-up, Not the Crime”

Rules stuff various, talking about kids, speculation on the [now done] NBA draft, and lots of fun from the streets of New York City.

… And then somehow an hour and twenty or so in, we talk about some serious Magic!

Your hosts,
Brian David-Marshall – @top8games
Michael J. Flores – @fivewithflores
Chris Lansdell – @lansdellicious

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