Top 8 Magic #462 – Single Beckering a Third Gaea’s Blessing

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The Top 8 Core Principles of Top 8 Magic #462

  1. NOT Basketball
  2. Rundown the top 4-5 archetypes of Standard
  3. Single Beckering a Third [card]Gaea’s Blessing[/card]
  4. Why [card]Kitesail Freebooter[/card] is a Peach Emoji
  5. The Legend of Korra
  6. Speculations on DC Universe
  7. Prospective birthday presents for Brian that will have him find religion
  8. Best TV Shows evah

Imagine the rate Mike and Brian are going to have to hit to fit in another 50 eps this year! Woah!

Your hosts:

Mike Flores – @fivewithflores
Brian David-Marshall – @Top8Games

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