Classic Recap: Modern in North Bay


For the fourth year in a row, Face to Face Games brought a major Magic tournament up to North Bay, Ontario, and it was as eventful and snow-filled as ever. This time Kelly and the gang were greeted by a full-on blizzard on their trip up. But with some expert prairie driving skills on display from Ackerman, they were able to arrive on time.

65 Players showed up for our North Bay Modern Classic and Nicholas Collicott was able to take down the entire event with his Bogles deck.

The Face to Face Games North Bay Modern Classic champion, Nicholas Collicott.

Surprisingly, the Top 8 in North Bay didn’t stray too far from what you’d see in any major Modern event in the city. The elimination rounds were filled with white creatures. Humans was by far the most represented of the winning decks, and is one of the top decks overall in Modern right now.

In addition to Nicholas, Travis Mahon also brought Bogles and made Top 8. Shadow O’Shea had success all the way to the elimination rounds with Death & Taxes, and joined our three Humans players to make four total beat down decks. Don Campbell and Al Gauthier were our control mages. They piloted Jeskai and U/W Control respectively. Last but not least we had Shawn Fetterly with our “rogue deck” of the Top 8 with Skred Red.  

With all of the powerful things you can do in Modern, turn-one Hollow One, turn-three Karn Liberated and the like. On Saturday in North Bay, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben reigned supreme.

Your North Bay Modern Classic Top 8.

Now, about mid way through the day on Saturday things were going great and the main event was humming along — but something was missing. At least until a local player traded in a box of Mirrodin and we had ourselves a side event.

A few of players who were not fortunate enough to have success in Modern, joined us for a sweet flashback Draft!

Congratulations to Nicholas on his win this past Saturday. And thank you to everyone who came out to make another trip to North Bay a success. If you like our tournament series, make sure to come out and join us for our Team Trios Open in Toronto on May 5!

First Place, Nicholas Collicott- Bogles

Second Place, Al Gauthier- U/W Control

Third Place, Don Campbell- Jeskai Control

Fourth Place, Travis Mahon- Bogles

Fifth Place, John Brands- 5C Humans

Sixth Place, Shawn Fetterly- Skred Red

Seventh Place, Shadow O’Shea- Eldrazi & Taxes

Eighth Place, Gilles Gilbert- 5C Humans